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Interested in Starting a Business in Finland?

If you’re interested in starting a business in Finland, check out the events hosted by Keski-Suomen Uusyritys-Keskus. They’re free but registration is required! Register from:

Download the event schedule

Obligatory intensive research period starts on Jan 11!

Dear 2nd year IB degree students,

The 3-week intensive research period, which is continuation of your Thesis-Part 1 course, starts on Monday, Jan 11. The sessions aim to start your thesis process by developing your research plans. In order to earn your 5 ECTS from Thesis-Part 1 course, you must deliver a research plan that will be approved by your supervisor during the 3rd week of this period.

Each student must attend sessions of one of the research lines (see schedules in the attached). Make your choice based on your interest for thesis and go to your first session next week!

If you target to attend the research line of “economics of internationalization and competitiveness”, note that it is now merged with the research line of “marketing management”. Hence, your first session will be on Monday, Jan 11, starting at 10:15 at classroom FK14.

We look forward to see you in our research line sessions!

Your supervisors

Application Period for Student Exchange Abroad for the Spring Semester 2016 is Open During 1st-30th September 2015!

Apply for an exchange place abroad for the spring semester 2016. The application period runs from September 1st to September 30th

There are exchange places in numerous different institutions all over the world. You can see what kind of opportunities there are for students in your specific field from the Elmo Student Intra. Please notice that a number of places might already be filled in the last spring application period.

More detailed information on partner institutions, applying and all the necessary arrangements can be found in the section ‘Internationality Through Studies. The application form is filled in electronically via ASIO.

Additional information is provided by the International Coordinators of the schools as well as International Services. Contact information can be found from here.

Planning to study further in English?

Are you planning to study further in a Master’s degree programme in English? Many universities require you to provide evidence of your English proficiency. Here at JAMK we organise Cambridge English: Advanced language examination and offer preparation courses for the exam. More than 6,000 universities, businesses, government departments and other organisations around the world recognise Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).

More info:

Practical Training Available from Raya Divers in Thailand!

Click the link for more information! =)

Course feedback forms open in ASIO!

Please click yourself into ASIO and give feedback for all the courses that you have taken this semester.

Many thanks!

Internship Available in Brussels at the Universite Saint-Louis Bruxelles

Do you know both French and English? There might be a suitable practical training place for you in the international services office at the Univeriste Saint-Louis Bruxelles!

Looking for an Internship Place Abroad?

If you’re looking for an internship place abroad, one great place to look is from: That’s the International Services Blog. If you’re not a blog person, then you can check out the same content in their FaceBook pages:

Happy Hunting!

Alison (International Services)

Planning to submit your thesis this semester?

If so, please check the updated instructions in the IB blog Thesis section. Education secretaries are on call on Fridays and Mondays when it is time to bring the papers. Detailed information, time and venue can be found on the link above. Good luck in the process!

If you any questions concerning the practicalities I am here for you 🙂 Room C214, phone 040 559 1802, e-mail You are not alone!

‘Day at Work’ for International Degree Students: Friday 20.03.2015 Sign Up NOW!

The purpose of the ‘Day at Work’ is to introduce international degree students from the University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Sciences and companies in Central Finland to each other. In practice, this means that you , as a student, will make a one day visit (10.00-15.00) to the company.

By participating, you can showcase your own skills and share the day’s experiences on social media. The day may include different activities according to the wishes of the company, for example:

  • Small talk in a foreign language
  • Sharing information about your culture
  • Commenting on brochure materials and web pages

We hope to get enough companies to be able to offer this opportunity to all the registered students, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that. Please note that all the companies may not be situated in the city of Jyväskylä. You will get details about the company you were chosen to visit in the beginning of March.

Day at Work -company participants will donate money through Taksvärkki Ry for international charity work.

Dead-line: 6.3.2015

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Students of JYU, please contact Ms Muru Linjala

Students of JAMK, please contact Ms Nina Björn