International Business Programme (IB)

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Enrolling for Resit Exams

When can a student enroll for a resit exam?

  • After getting a failing grade for a course, a student is entitled to two resit exams for the course in question. -> enrollment for a resit exam for a whole course or a part of it can be done after the lecturer of the course has marked a failing grade 0 for the whole course or a part of it.
  • Enrollment for a resit exam is to be done by the appointed deadline. No enrollments are accepted after the deadline.
  • Enrolling for the maturity test is not done in ASIO; contact the Student Services instead.
  • If the lecturer arranges the exam outside of JAMK’s general exam dates or the School’s own official exam dates, students submit the enrollment straight to the lecturer, not in ASIO.

How to enroll for a resit exam.

Click the link below and login with your student id

Exam dates and venues

  • Primarily students take the resit exams on their own campus.
  • A resit exam can be taken on JAMK’s general exam dates.

General Exam Dates

The general exam dates given below are meant for all the courses, in accordance with the agreements and schedules of the units or degree programmes. The students must be prepared to prove their identity when taking an exam.

Enrollment for the exams at least ten days before the exam date. Exams will always start at 12 noon.

The dates are here: