International Business Programme (IB)

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General Information on Studying Abroad

Recognition of Courses Taken Abroad

The full-time studies and practical training completed abroad should be fully credited in the student’s Finnish degree at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. This gives the student a chance to get financial aid for the studies abroad. It is very important for the student to plan the studies / practical training in detail together with the International Coordinator / Practical Training Coordinator. Studies abroad may contain participating in courses and taking exams according to local practices. They may also include compulsory practical training, carrying out a project assignment agreed upon in advance or compilation of the bachelor’s thesis, including collecting and analyzing data. The studies abroad should preferably last from 3 to 10 months.

Application Procedure

Information on exchange student places abroad offered by JAMK University of Applied Sciences and application procedure is given in the Exchange Period Abroad guide. Further information can be get from the International Coordinators of the schools, the International Services (in the Administrative Unit) and you can also find them in this section of the Optima Study Forum.

Students can also look for an exchange student place abroad independently. Prior to starting any studies abroad, the student should always consult the International Coordinator of the school and the Head of Programme. The timing of the studies abroad can vary between the different degree programmes. If you are taking Bachelor’s Degree you can go on exchange after the first year of degree studies at the earliest. If you are taking Master’s Degree you must have completed at least one semester of degree studies before going on exchange. Please ask the International Coordinator of your school or your Head of Programme for further information.

Selection of Exchange Students

Exchange students are usually selected during the semester preceding the period abroad. There are some requirements for prospective exchange students: completed basic studies or 1st year studies at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, success in studies, sufficient language skills and participation in international activities. Attendance in courses conducted in a foreign language and tutoring foreign students can also be considered an advantage. See also Criteria for Exchange


Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for grants.

The grant is paid in two parts: the 1st part (80 per cent of the awarded amount) is paid approximately 3 weeks before the exchange. The 2nd part (20 per cent of the total amount) is paid after the exchange period according to the actual duration of it. Notice that the grant is indeed based on the duration of the exchange period; if the duration is shorter / longer than originally planned, it affects the total amount of the grant. If, for example the duration remains shorter than originally planned, the 2nd part of the grant might not be paid at all, or some of the grant paid in excess in the 1st part can be collected back.

In the guidelines you can find the criteria for awarding the grant, the amounts and specific information on the payment practicalities of the grant concerning both studies and practical training abroad. Every student must read the guidelines before applying for the grant!