International Business Programme (IB)

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Ready To Graduate? Check the List!


Thesis and Maturity Test

GraduateYou can find instructions for your thesis from the links to the right. You can take your maturity exam on a general exam date. Registration for maturity test ends 10 days prior the exam date. See the general test dates here.  You can enroll for the exam by calling, e-mailing or visiting the student services in the main campus. Please remember to mention the exam/resit date, campus and the name of your thesis tutor. You will have a maximum of four hours to complete the maturity test. Click for more info about the maturity test.

Check your Transcript of Records

After completing all the courses, please check your transcript of records once more to make sure you have completed all the courses required. Do that in ASIO!  If you are missing grades, please contact the teacher in question. It’s also recommended that you check your transcript of records with your own career tutor. If there are any mistakes in your transcript, such as incorrect courses, courses in the wrong order or under the wrong title, please contact student services. Please note that by confirming the correctness of your transcript of records (in your application for graduation, see below), you accept the transcript e.g. courses, grades and completion dates. In other words, after revising the transcript of records, you cannot apply for any changes to the document, such as changing the grade of the thesis (please check Degree Regulation § 23.).

While in ASIO please update your personal e-mail address there so that we may contact you afterwards if needed.

Graduation Feedback

Prior to the graduation, you need to answer the Graduation Feedback (OPALA) in ASIO: Student Feedback – Feedback forms – Student employment questionnaire. Student services will check that you have answered.

Application for Degree Certificate

After you have completed your studies and checked your transcript of records, you can apply for a degree certificate. You can print the application from the Study Guide -> Graduation. Please fill in the form, collect all the required signatures, enclose your transcript of records and return the application to student services. At the School of Business the signature of education secretary or janitor is not needed.

Please note: The degree certificate application must be at the student services early enough before your right to study expires. In order to graduate, you need to be a (läsnä) present student.

Getting Degree Certificate

The final Degree Certificate is written at the student services after the Head of Department has signed the application. It takes about two weeks to receive your Degree Certificate. However, there can be delays due to the busy schedules during the peak-times of graduation.

Student Financial Aid for Graduation Month

If you are entitled to receive student financial aid from KELA, you are also entitled to receive it for the graduation month. However the date of graduation has to be later than 18th of the month to receive the financial aid. For more information, please contact

Losing your Right to Study

Have you been studying for 4 years or so?  You’d better check how long your rights to study are valid for.  You can do this by talking to the lovely people at student services on Rajakatu or sending them e-mail at  You’ll need to apply for a study extension.  Usually study rights end at the end at the end of December.  I can’t stress how important this is.  If you miss the deadline and lose your right to study you will have to apply all over again!  It pays to ask!

Expiration of Rights

Please note when graduating that your rights to use JAMK email and H-drive will expire. For this reason, make sure to save all the important documents and mails before submitting the application for Degree Certificate.