International Business Programme (IB)

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Study Counselling/Tutors

Student Services

Study Secretary Katja Räsänen,
Student Services help and advise you in everything concerning studies, enrollments, study right, study record, certificates, study grants and resit exams.

Career Tutors

Career Tutor supports and advises the student group in orientating and committing themselves to the study environment. She / he also discusses with students and helps them to make their career plan and personal study plan (HOPS) and monitors the progress of the studies and supports the students in different kinds of issues concerning the studies.

  • HIB14S1 – Heidi Neuvonen and Juha Saukkonen
  • HIB13S1 – Steve Crawford and Piotr Krawczyk
  • HIB12S1 – Juha Saukkonen and Steve Crawford
  • HIB11S1 – Heidi Neuvonen and Tiina Siitonen
  • HIB10S1 – Murat Akpinar and Piotr Krawczyk
  • HIB9S1 – Heidi Neuvonen
  • HIB8S, HIB7S1, HIB6S1, HIB5S1 – Juha Saukkonen

You’ll find the contact information of the whole staff with the search engine at JAMK homepage:

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors support and guide student groups in orientating and committing themselves to the study environment and give peer support in different kind of issues concerning the studies.


Study Counseling

Dear Student,

Have you ever thought about the following questions?

  • Do you feel that you have difficulties with your studies?
  • Does your life situation make studying more difficult for you?
  • Can you balance your studies with other areas of your life?
  • Do you have problems with time management?
  • Do you feel that there’s always too little time or that deadlines come too soon?
  • Do you feel exhausted?
  • Has something happened in your personal life that has affected you and your studies?
  • Are you afraid that there is something in your learning habits or styles that make studying more difficult for you?
  • Is there something else worrying you that is related or affecting your studies?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. As your study counselor I’m here to help and support you in planning your studies, monitoring your study progress and with your overall coping. You can find me at Rajakatu 35, office B209 on Mondays and Tuesdays and at Dynamo, Piippukatu 2, on Thursdays. Please make a prior appointment by e-mail or phone.

040 585 3272

Best wishes,

Heli-Riikka Immonen, Study Counsellor, Business and Services Management unit

Study Psychologist

Need someone to talk to?  Contact Maarika Kaija, opintopsykologi(a)

Study Counselling in DP in International Business
You’ll find the contact information of the whole staff with the search engine at JAMK homepage:

International Coordinator

Risto Korkia-Aho,

International coordinator supports the students in international career choices as well as gives national and international career guidance. He gives information and advice on possibilities to study abroad and on possibilities to complete practical training abroad. She also supports the internationalisation at home.