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Obligatory intensive research period starts on Jan 11!

Dear 2nd year IB degree students,

The 3-week intensive research period, which is continuation of your Thesis-Part 1 course, starts on Monday, Jan 11. The sessions aim to start your thesis process by developing your research plans. In order to earn your 5 ECTS from Thesis-Part 1 course, you must deliver a research plan that will be approved by your supervisor during the 3rd week of this period.

Each student must attend sessions of one of the research lines (see schedules in the attached). Make your choice based on your interest for thesis and go to your first session next week!

If you target to attend the research line of “economics of internationalization and competitiveness”, note that it is now merged with the research line of “marketing management”. Hence, your first session will be on Monday, Jan 11, starting at 10:15 at classroom FK14.

We look forward to see you in our research line sessions!

Your supervisors

If You’re Turning in Your Thesis Please Remember….

For all those lovely people that aim to turn in their thesis today, please remember to fill out the form BEFORE you bring your thesis to me.  You can fill out the form any time before dropping off your thesis and you’ll find it from:

It’s super fast to do!

Interested in earning project credits and making thesis at the JAMK Centre for Competitiveness?

By Murat Akpinar

JAMK Centre for Competitiveness was established in Spring 2012. It aims to enhance competitiveness of firms, clusters, and regions in Finland. Activities of the Centre can be categorized under the following themes:

–      Dialogue: The aim is to share knowledge, build networks and stimulate dialogue through organizing webinars and roundtables.

–      Applied research and development: The aim of this activity is to measure the competitiveness of firms, clusters and regions and identify major competitiveness issues.

–      Applied consulting: The aim of this activity is to help firms, clusters and regions to improve their competitiveness.

–      Executive education: The aim of this activity is to train executive managers on issues related to competitiveness.

In this context, you would be involved in applied research and development projects (earn project credits or do thesis) and participate in organizing dialogue activities (earn project credits).

If you are interested, please contact Murat Akpinar

More info about the Centre:

Opportunity to Get ECTS Study Credits for your Project Work, Practical Training and/or Diploma Work

Dear All,

This is just to inform you that on  next Thursday September 6th at 17:00 in A206, there will be an info meeting about Living Lab:

Living Lab is an innovation ecosystem run by JAMK R&D department. For you Living Lab may offer opportunity to do and get ECTS study credits for your Project Work, Practical Training  and/or Diploma Work. You can do the Project Work and | or  Practical Training also during the summer.

General info about Living Labs and in particular about the Lutakko Living Lab in Jyväskylä:

If interested, please confirm shortly your participation in the info meeting by contacting Piotr Krawczyk.

Kind regards,

Piotr Krawczyk
Senior Lecturer
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
School of Business and Services Management Rajakatu 35, FI-40200 Finland

Turning in your Thesis?

If you’re aiming to turn in your thesis by the 7th of May please go the following link and fill in the information BEFORE bringing your thesis to the education secretary 🙂 You will make your education secretary VERY happy if you do this.

Are You Writing Your Thesis?

What now?I’ve added some more information on what to do and when.  I hope it helps you guys get through the process more easily.  I know there are lots of steps but your thesis tutor and education secretary are here to help you!  You can check out the information from the links on the right.

Hint: It’s all the stuff that says Thesis ;).

Next Thesis Return Date 31.10.2011

Are you writing your thesis? The next return date is 31.10.2011.  Make sure you discuss things with your thesis adviser and make sure that your thesis is up to scratch before turning it in.  If you’re looking to turn in your thesis in the near future and you think it’s about done and your thesis adviser agrees then I suggest you send it to me, your happy education secretary, via e-mail.  If it looks good and I give it the thumbs up you’ll print out 2 copies and bring them to my office, B205.

Got questions? Just ask!  There’s lots of info in the thesis info pages.  Check out the links on the right in this blog.

Next Thesis Submission Date 31.10.2011

The next submission date is the 31st of October if you want to get your thesis assessed by the 28th of November.   Please remember that your work also needs to go through the language center before is can be submitted.  Please read the project reporting instructions carefully and make sure your work complies with the rules!  I’ve put lots of information about the thesis process in the IB blog in the menu on the right side.  If you have questions please ask! 🙂

Thesis Time Frame

Ever wonder what order you should be doing things for your thesis?  Here’s a way to budget your time!  Check out:

New Thesis Information in the Blog

There’s fresh information on how to construct your thesis in the blog!  Check out the right side under Thesis Issues for relevant issues.  If you have any questions regarding the content and layout of the thesis please contact your thesis tutor.  If you have questions regarding the construction of your thesis please chat with your education secretary!  Good luck!