Roses, roses and the Zoo

The days are getting cooler and the Fall, according to Argentinians, started officially 21st of March. This means that during the days the temperatures are between 20-25 celcius but during the nights, it can even drop to 10degrees. For me, the Fall starts when the Autumn colors will show up, but now the trees are still green. Nowadays it’s a bit more comfortable to do outdoor activities than it was a month ago when the temperature was reaching 40.

On Friday we visited a park in the Bosques de Palermo, called El Rosedal. It is a park full of roses, inaugurated in the year 1914. The park has 15,000 different rose bushes and 1,189 species of roses in every color of the rainbow. The entrance was free and I really enjoyed the park! El Rosedal is the park for people who love roses.

Today, on Sunday, we visited Jardín Zoológico de Buenos Aires, the Zoo located in Palermo. It is a really old Zoo, that was inaugurated in the year 1888. The entrance pass was 40pesos per person (6.90e), which was not bad price at all: We spent 3hours walking around the park, seeing monkeys, parrots, giraffes, a polar bear, a lion and many other animals! At the park there was also a possibility to buy Animal food to feed animals, but we didn’t choose that option.

My favorite animal was a small Meerkat (in Spanish: Suricata):

I also liked a lot of rabbit-like animals that were running free in the Buenos Aires Zoo. We found out, that the animal is called Mara and it is related to guinea pigs. They weren’t so afraid of people and one of them even had courage to come closer to our camera:

Julius’ favorite was Hamadryas baboon’s: Those are monkeys that have pink bottoms. Especially the baby monkey was really cute 🙂

The weather forecast says that it is going to rain tonight so we will spend our evening in our apartment watching movies.