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Presidential ending

We have been quite busy the last few weeks with all of the deadlines at school, but now everything is finished. We used our only free day to visit one more place in Buenos Aires we hadn’t visited before, Casa Rosada. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Buenos Aires. Until 2 weeks ago we didn’t know you could visit it.

Casa Rosada is the presidential house. The president of Argentina flies from her home in Olivos on weekdays with a helicopter and on weekends its open for locals and tourists. The entry is completely free. It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in my life. I would recommend it for anyone visiting Buenos Aires. Its open only on Sundays, so pick a Sunday and go for it!

Like I said, we are now finished with our studies in UADE. We got our diplomas from our professors. We still have more shopping to do, but soon we have to get ready for our flight back. Overall we have had a great time here. We are feeling a bit down, because we have to leave this place. You will hear from us again before we leave.


New haircut and Shopping in Buenos Aires!

I am writing this post from a Locutorio. I had to pay for the use of the Internet: 1peso for 15minutes.

The reason why I am here is because we have no Internet in our apartment: It just stopped working last Friday. Like the locals say: Internet no functionada. We managed to inform the agency and if everything goes well there will be a technician coming over this Wednesday. Let’s hope the guy can fix our Internet!

Anyway, let me tell about our last week:

On  Monday we started in the school the schedule that we are going to have until May. Our schedule is following:

Monday: Strategy                          Tuesday: Entrepreneurship & Spanish

Wednesday: Micro-Macro Economics                   Thursday: Law & Spanish

During this week we’ve learned how to use buses here!  There are hundreds and hundreds of different bus lines and Quia-T (The book, which shows all the bus schedules) seemed at first glance really confusing but after some studying we finally started to understand it. We got our Quia-T from a stand where was a girl selling newspapers, but we’ve also seen people selling Quia-T’s on metro stations too. We paid 10 pesos (1,75e) for it. +Julius found a website, which shows the routes of all bus lines: This makes you feel more comfortable when you see exactly where you are going.

After the Argentinean government decided to increase the metro fare in Mid-January from 1.10pesos to 2.50pesos, the buses are still 1.10 . From this new apartment we take bus to school and it takes about 40minutes, but if there is a traffic jam (that we had to face one day) it took us 1hour and 15minutes.We heard that the traffic will be worse in the end of February when people come back from their summer holidays.

Julius’ hair had overgrown so we went to meet a local hairdresser. I also decided to get a haircut at the same time.  We learned in school that in Latin-American countries there is a bigger inequality between man and women that inFinland. This is not true when it comes to hairdressers! A lot of hairdressers are unisex, which means that they offer their services to both men and women: for the SAME price! InFinlandwomen still have to pay more than men do. Corte (haircut) was 40 pesos per person (around 7euros!). The most surprising thing was that they did not just cut my hair but they cut it with layers. For this same inFinlandthey would charge me 30euros or more. Other beauty services are also affordable here inArgentina: For example you can get a manicure for 30pesos (~5.21e) I will definitely have to try that one later.

One thing what we haven’t really talked about earlier is shopping. Supermarket’s (For example like  inFinlandthere are Prisma and K-Citymarket) , where you can buy everything are not that popular here inArgentina. Of course there are ones like Disco and Jumbo but people tend to buy fromsmall “specialized” stores. There are a lot of fruit stores,Ferreterias sell electronics, Meat stores, Coffee stores and bakeries.  We tried the bakery that is just one block away and we totally surprised! We bought 5 big pieces of fresh bread for 6pesos (1.05e). We also wanted to try their cookies, which were delicious. These cookies and 2 breads was 8.50pesos (1.50e):

On Friday we took a bus to Unicenter, which is the place where locals usually go shopping: Price level in downtown is always higher compared to the other areas. Unicenter is a big shopping mall outsideBuenos Airesand the one-way bus fare was 1.75pesos (0.30e) per person. We had a perfect timing because most of the stores had summer sales. Julius bought a sports bag and then I found a heaven: Calvin Klein –store had everything -60% on sale so I bought two bras for 179pesos (~31euros) Nothing makes a woman happier than a successful shopping trip.

School fever

It’s almost two weeks since the last post, sorry!

But we really have a good reason, because we simply haven’t had any time:

Monday 23.1 we started our lectures. The whole week from Monday to Thursday we had school from 8am until 4pm. At this point you probably think that hey, you still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. But on Friday I got fever that went up to +38°C and it continued through the whole weekend. I learned, that it isn’t so comfortable to have fever when it’s over +30°C outside: You can’t use the air conditioner because the cold air that comes from it makes you freeze, but if you don’t use it, it gets terribly hot and humid inside 😛

Luckily the weekend went by and Julius was so sweet taking care of me the whole time 🙂 On Monday we survived to school and the same fast-pace continued until Thursday. During these two intensive weeks we had lectures on Spanish 8-9.30am, Culture&Inflation 10am-12pm and Marketing&Sales 12.30-4pm. I really enjoyed Spanish lectures! There are 3levels of Spanish: basic, intermediate and advanced. Julius and I are on different groups. He has basic Spanish lectures and I am on the intermediate. The teacher on intermediate is so nice and energetic, but she speaks only Spanish. First lectures were a bit challenging to follow but later on it got easier to understand her.

Culture&Inflation classes were full of group discussions and we also watched an Argentinean  movie. Inflation part was interesting because we really learned a lot of new things about the inflation in Argentina that happened between 1975-1991 and the recession in the beginning of 2000. These all are things that we should learn of and take into account when looking at the current situation in Greece.

Marketing&Sales lectures took place in the afternoon: 3,5hour lectures felt quite long but luckily our teacher Natalia was great! She made the lectures alive and not-so boring 🙂 We learned a bunch of cultural things in her lectures too! Now we know, why in Argentinean grocery stores there is always a shop assistant who will weight the vegetables for you, the story about red ribbons on the cars and many other things. Now we have one month time to work with our group work projects. Marketing presentation will take place on March.

First days at UADE

This Thursday it was time to end the holidays and get to school.  Firstly we had a lecture by Risto Korkia-Aho and Humberto Gianni welcoming us to UADE and informing us of some practical matters. Afterwards we had a brief moment to get something to eat and move back to school.

At UADE Risto had booked us a two tour buses and we were on our way to see the city. Some of the places we had already seen and some of the places were new to us. First, we headed to Plaza de Mayo to see Casa Rosada, the presidential office building and Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral. The Cathedral was really nice, the entire floor of the Cathedral was mosaic, made completely by hand.

Leaving the Cathedral, we headed to La Boca. The infamous La Boca is known for the caminitos, housing where 3-4 families live in a single apartment sharing the bathroom and kitchen. These multi-colored shacks are painted with ship’s paint. According to history, the people of La Boca asked the incoming ships, boats and frigates that came to Buenos Aires for paint to paint their houses. Today they keep up the tradition to attract tourists. In La Boca we stopped for a short coffee break and walked around the beautiful (tourist infested) neighborhood.

We were off again, this time through the wealthy Puerto Madero, where a square meter of apartment costs around 6000 USD. This is where wealthy people live and work as its home to several multinational corporations. One will find offices of IBM, Samsung and Standard Bank next to each other. We didn’t stop here, instead we headed to Palermo, made a small circle there and headed to the Recoleta Cemetary, which we already visited on our first week here. Shortly we headed back to school and ended our day.

Friday was cool, We dressed up and headed to school looking very business-like. Most men wore white collar shirts, some suits. We went to the auditorium for an opening ceremony, afterwards we had a snack at school and took a group photo at the courtyard inside UADE. We took a tour around the complex and heard that the school is empty until the beginning of February, thats when the summer school starts. The UADE is filled with over 5000 students at the beginning of March when the summer holidays end in Argentina. We have a Starbucks and Subway in the school.

For the evening our International Coordinator, (nowadays knighted by the President to the Order of the White Rose in Finland) Risto Korkia-aho had arranged a place called La Parolaccia, casa tua for us all to have dinner. So we headed back to the wealthy area (suitable for us students). The taxi ride to the Restaurant was exciting. We went by taxi via one of the biggest streets in Buenos Aires (Corrientes), but what we stumbled upon was very strange. There was a riot. The one-way street (all 6 lanes) was crowded, people were holding sheets saying something we didn’t understand, but we could tell they were all very angry. Our taxi driver reached to us and locked the back doors. Finally we reached the restaurant via an alternate route.  The place was simply amazing. We had a toast to celebrate the UADE – JAMK partnership, ate a starter, beef tenderloin and had a chocolate mousse and Ice cream for dessert. There was a list from which we could choose what we wanted (picture below). I chose the above as main course and dessert and for starter I took fried octopus rings and zucchini. It was weird, but good. It tasted a bit like fish fingers  and a mix of shrimps and mushrooms. The evening ended at around 1 am and we took a taxi home. Taxis in Argentina are very cheap compared to western countries. A trip of around 3 kilometers in downtown Buenos Aires during the night costed us 18,7 pesos (we paid the cab driver 20 and said that its okay) its about 3,5 Eur.

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, but our SLR camera doesn’t fit in Maria’s “evening purse”.

Formalities were out of the way and it was time for yet another holiday weekend. I wanted to get a shoulder bag to look more local and carry my laptop around. We have been warned that carrying a laptop case around will make you a target for a robbery so, getting a regular looking bag was the best option. We had heard of a place called “Bond street promenade”, a kind of a shopping center for local teenagers. We looked it up on the map and noticed that just a few blocks from it there was a place called “El Ateneo”, the atheneum. Today it is a bookstore/cafe/library, but originally it was a theater. According to Guardian magazine, its the second best bookshop in the world.

The Bond street promenade was weird to say the least. At first glance we thought “okay, did we come to a wrong place?” It was an indoor “shopping mall”  with 3 floors and about 15 stores per floor, each the size of kiosk. This place was very underground, half of the stores offered only 2 things: Piercings and Tattoos. The mall was swarming with teenagers wearing mostly “skater” -clothes, because the other half of the stores were selling skaterboards, t-shirts and other products related with the sport. In the end it was a cool place that one should visit if staying in BA for a bit longer.