Hello world!

Some dreams do come true! I’ve heard it’s a cliché that Finnish girls want to go to Australia. I don’t care if it is a cliché or not, this it the place I’ve wanted to be. People always ask me why Australia. I simply don’t know. Perhaps our own YLE is to blame. I’ve grown up watching Australian tv shows for kids and teens. Whatever the reason, here I am after 20 years and several failed attempts later, in Sydney, Australia. Besides Australia looks like llama’s head on a map. Llamas are nice.

There is one thing you have to know about me. If I want something, I’ll get it. When I started my BBA studies at JAMK in autumn 2014 I had already decided that I would go to Australia for exchange or to do my mandatory internship. Exchange would have been so expensive with tuitions and everything  so I decided to my internship here instead. After searching places on my own for a while, I noticed it is not so easy for someone who has no experience about working here. I was very determined to do this so I paid for an agency to find a workplace for me. After two weeks they had a match. Company’s owners told me that they would have wanted me “already yesterday”. And here I am, after four months later doing my marketing internship for a 25-year-old wholeseller of European design/decor with a webshop.

This is my blog about my adventures here. Welcome to my life upside down!


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