New York Minute

Once upon a time in America…

11th Hour


I’ve been meaning write something for this blog of mine for quite a while but school has kept me busy more than usual as the semester is drawing to a close and all the deadlines seem to fall on me at once.. Well anyway, 13 days left in the States and then it’s time to get back to the important things back Europe.

Now that I’ve had a taste of the dormitory life I can say that it’s not nearly as bad as I thought at first. Yeah, there is no privacy at all and the rooms are pretty tiny, but then again if you happen to be blessed with some great room mates it makes things a lot better. When I got here I lived in Hulbert Hall (it’s the biggest dorm hall and houses the most people) My roommate at the time decided to move in with his girlfriend and I was left with a choice to either pay hundreds of dollars extra for staying in a double room by myself or moving to another hall. I decided to move into Sherman Hall (a medium sized dorm hall in the middle of campus) and this turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve made here. Sherman has cool people and nicer rooms.

Next week we start our final exams, I’ve got 4 of em and 1 is an online exam. Wish me luck! After the exams on the 17th I’ll get a bus to Manhattan and from there I’ll grab a taxi to get to JFK.

But now it’s time to work on a paper that’s due next Tuesday…