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End draws near

Supsup folks! Finally done with finals, pheew that was quite intense but against all odds it seems I did quite well. Two As and two Bs, hell that’s way better than my grades back home. Not bad even though I say so myself. My flight is leaving from JFK in two days time, before that I still hope to enjoy the NYC (note NY and NYC are two different things) the upstate world and the City life differ like night and day. While Oneonta is about the size of my home village of Muurame (although the population here is comprised of 90% students) NYC is THE place to be with all the grandeur of the Manhattan skyscrapers to the hipster streets of Soho all the way to the rather omnious back alleys of Bronx (a place you don’t want to get lost in trust me).

The thing about NYC that I love so much is that it’s like the city is alive. There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening constantly that in Finland you would only hear from in the news. A while back I noticed that Alec Baldwin was standing in line behind me at a Manhattan Subway waiting to get a nice sandwich. Also there are several consecutive movie/tv projects going on all the time. I stumbled through Law and Order: SVU scene while walking the streets of Lower Manhattan. And they were shooting Bourne Legacy at a random subway station. So if you’re interested in seeing this kind of stuff New York is the place for you. I absolutely love it, all in all I think culturally NYC stands almost unrivaled. MoMa, The Met, Times Square (with the amazing iMax movie theatres), the clubs, restaurants, Carnegie Hall, USS Intrepid (anchored in the Hudson Bay) the list goes on and on and on. It would take years to experience everything this place has to offer. I WILL absolutely return one day.

Someone once said that “when the darkness fell, New York City became something else, any old Sinatra song notwithstanding.” But this sentiment can be pretty much thrown out the window these days. Of course the City is alive and beautiful but also in some places (Queens, Bronx, parts of Brooklyn) dirty and dangerous. Common sense will get you far. I wholeheartedly recommend travelling to NYC, it’s quite the inspiring experience.

So long New York, this is not a goodbye… But a see ya