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Studying: challenges and busy days

Hello there!

Meini already started our blog few days back. 🙂 It’s been crazy two weeks since we arrived 3rd January. I’m sure you people are curious to know how it is to live and study in England. I’ll tell you about it right now.

As Meini mentioned we arrived late in the evening 3rd January. 4th January we went to university for the first time. We had to complete our enrollments and we also met our teachers that day. Since then we have been studying a lot. It felt a bit crazy to start studying right away.

Studying nursing here at University of Northampton isn’t very much different from studying at JAMK. We also have lectures, assignments, group assignments and presentations here. A lot of the classes are not lectures where a teacher speaks. Instead, we have to often do something ourselves. Once we were told to make a web page of Asthma for children/adolescent. We had two hours time and in that given time we did the research and built the website. That was something we have never done at JAMK.

We go to school by bus and it takes about 30 minutes. We live five minutes walk away from the city centre and the bus station where we take the bus to Uni. The bus costs £1 for Uni students. Our classes start 10 a.m. and and end 12:30. At that point we have a lunch break for one hour. The classes continue 1:30 p.m. and end 4 p.m. The days are quite long. Sometimes we don’t have the classes in afternoon. We often have so called VLEs (Virtual learning environment) which basically means that we have to study the subject on our own at NILE. That’s not a problem though because we have a lot of independent studying at JAMK, too. NILE is their Optima. We actually think that NILE is so much better and simpler than Optima at JAMK.

The two modules we have here have started on October last year, so we have quite a lot to catch up. We have to study these subjects the students have learned at autumn and also study the new subjects we’re having now. At least for me it’s quite stressful and challenging since English definitely isn’t my first language and the medical terminology can be tricky. We also have to write an essay of 2,500 words and at least for me that is a huge challenge. But I’ll go for it.

These two weeks we have mostly been going to school and coming back home. We have been quite tired in the evenings and also we’ve had a lot to study. We haven’t seen the city much at all. We have been at the shops at city centre but actually we didn’t have much time or energy to see the city more. After we have studied the ones that we’ve missed I think we’ll have more time to see the city. Also, we have no lectures next week. Of course we’re going to spent quite a lot of time studying, but Meini and Elisa also have plans to go visit London. I’ve not yet made other plans for the week than studying, but I will maybe visit some city near Northampton.

The weathers here have been quite great. We’ve had many sunny days and it doesn’t feel like January! We also had a snowfall one day and the British people were quite upset. 😉 Snowfall seemed to cause a lot of worrying. Well, the British love to complain about weather. I think Finns do it too, but not as much as British people. 😀 Here are some pictures from here! Looks quite spring-like already! 🙂

(I have serious fight going on with this blog image tool. It doesn’t let me scale that second picture as I want it to be. So I’m sorry you have to look at such a small picture. :/ Not happy. )

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Goodbye Finland, hello England!

Hello everyone and welcome to follow our journey in Northampton, England! Me and two other Finnish girls had this great opportunity to experience mixed studies abroad. In Erasmus exchange year you have to be minimum 3 months, so usually people go to practice for 3 months. We are going to be here for 7 months. Our exchange year includes studies in school and 11 week practice. We have 2 modules in school which are “Recognizing and managing acute childhood illness” and “Childhood mental wellbeing”.

So, let me tell little about applying to school and our first days (we have been here for 2 weeks now). Why I applied to this school? I wanted to be somewhere quite similar than Finland. High-quality school and hospital tempted me. It was Finlands Independence  Day 6.12. when I got email from Northampton University that they are offering me a place to study. It was real relief because I have waited impatiently some information of my exchange year! Same week I booked my flights to London and applied my accommodation.

On 3rd January, we left from Tampere Airport to London. Even though we had two connecting flights in Stockholm and Copenhagen, exchange year started to feel like real! We were at Heathrow Airport about 8pm and we had already a taxi waiting for us. On that trip we noticed the left-hand traffic (Still haven’t used to it) and the traffic was craaaazy! The cars were driving about 140km/h!! But, we got “home” safely. Finally at 10pm, we arrived to St John’s Halls of Residence and one lovely lady from reception guide us to our rooms. Each has their own room which includes bed, wardrobe, table with a chair, armchair and own sink. I’ve really got used to this in 2 weeks! Starting to feel like home.. 🙂

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