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Trip to Phillip Island

Hello! Today I write late night post about the trip to Phillip Island that took place yesterday. However, first quick review about how things are here! Semester is coming to an end. I have basically University left only this week, after that I do not have any deadlines left or exams. My grades has been […]

Camping trip to King Valley

Good afternoon everyone from Melbourne! Todays topic is the camping trip to King Valley, which was part of the unit Introduction to Adventure in Sport and Active Recreation It took place from Friday morning to Monday evening. The first day was basicly just settling down and get to know the place we came. It was […]

Australian Unigames

Good evening everyone! Todays topic is Unigames, which were held 24-29.9 at Gold Coast. Like I have mentioned earlier, I was part of the Victoria University’s Football team. During the tournament we stayed in the hotel called Rhapsody Resort. Our team had 14 players (plus two didn’t come). The Unigames was unique and amazing experience, […]

Trip to Grampians

    Hellou! I have been here over two months, huh time flies! Although it feels like forever when I have been last time in Finland back at home Everything is going great here as usually. University assignments have also went really well, if you get good grades back at Finland, you will do fine […]

Question from the reader – Material from the Parties

  Good evening, my dear readers! Time has flied here as I thought before leaving Finland. Semester is almost halfway through! Can’t believe it! All the Uni stuff have went really well. I have got excellent grades in every test or online quiz.   The question from the reader: I would like to see some material […]

Update 1.0

  Hey guys!   I haven’t updating much new stuff here, but now I had time to do so. Life is great here! Everyday learning and seeing something new. From the sport aspect I am going in the mid-semester break to the Gold Coast and participate the Unigames with Victoria University (sport is football ofc). […]


  Hey guys! Everything is good here in the Down Under! Weekly routine is starting to rollin’ and everything has become more familiar. The hullabaloo what was in the first weeks has settled more down and people are getting more focused on university stuff. The first impression is that university studies here seems to be […]

On Your Own

  Hellou!   Today I don’t have fancy pictures, but I update you ladies and gentlemen, my dearest readers, about the life here in Down Under. First of all, the University has been very quiet about everything. Without your own curiosity you would be so lost. University has only kept us one orientation day, which […]

My Units for the Semester

  Today I am going to introduce you what units I took for my exchange semester. I chose four (4) units, which equates 30 ECTS in JAMK. Every unit is worth of 7.5 ECTS. In JAMK we mainly have unit sizes of 3,4 or 5 ECTS, so it’s interesting to see, do these units require […]

Waiting for the Next Week

Hey guys! Everything is great here! Weather is not so sunny and warm that you may expect, but it’s not that bad! At least it should be getting warmer all the time.. Days have been mainly past by hanging with our roommates, visiting the centre of Melbourne and drinking etc. In the weekend most of […]