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Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

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Waiting for the Next Week

Hey guys! Everything is great here! Weather is not so sunny and warm that you may expect, but it’s not that bad! At least it should be getting warmer all the time.. Days have been mainly past by hanging with our roommates, visiting the centre of Melbourne and drinking etc. In the weekend most of […]

It’s All Good out Here!

Hey guys! It’s now evening of my fourth day here in Melbourne.  However, it doesn’t feel like it. I have already meeted so many new people and got new friends. I use to live in a solo in Finland, so this shared flat with 5 roommates is a whole new experience for me. At least […]

All the New Things

Hey! I have been extremely busy during my first days in Australia! This is my third day here. It was a good choice come here a little bit earlier than the school starts. I will now tell you something about the first impressions and what it has been so far! So, the flight from Bangkok […]

First Leg of the Journey

  Hey guys! My journey has officially started! I am now staying in Bangkok, Thailand in my fathers apartment. My flight went well and both luggages arrived safely! I think that I don’t yet have any idea what I signed into, but I bet that this journey will be extremely fun and amazing experience for […]

Four days to go!

Hello guys after one week of media silence! I have been extremely busy with everything going on my life; playing football, taking care of moving and woodwork (helping my relatives). I haven’t even thought about the fact that I am moving less than a week to Australia! There is still plenty of things to do […]

The Preparation Hassling

    Today, I am going to introduce you what I did after I got the acceptance from Victoria University! After the confirmation of exchange studies, I got a lot of PDF files from the Victoria University, which were full of information what to do next. Also with a little googling you will find everything […]

Application process for Student Exchange

    Hey, guys! It is only two weeks left until I fly to Bangkok and there onwards to Melbourne! Today I am going to introduce you, what kind of is the applying process a.k.a paper war to get an exchange place in Victoria University. 1. Everything starts from the basic ASIO application that you […]

Kickstart of the SLIM

  Hey everyone! Today I finally got accomplished to start writing a blog about my upcoming exchange semester. In the near future, I’m going to introduce you the applying process and everything else concerning time before going to the Australia. So yeah, my blogs name is SLIM ~ Student life in Melbourne. The reason why […]