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Trip to Grampians




I have been here over two months, huh time flies! Although it feels like forever when I have been last time in Finland back at home

Everything is going great here as usually. University assignments have also went really well, if you get good grades back at Finland, you will do fine here!

Todays main topic is Grampians! Last weekend I was in a day trip with my German friends in Grampians National Park

It is located about 2-3 hours away from Melbourne. We went there by New to Melbourne who organized the trip. There were amazing views and there could spend more time by hiking or like how they call it here ‘bush walking’.

Below are some pictures from the trip

Also, next weekend I’m flying to Gold Coast where are the Unigames held! From that event I’m going to write own post and of course take some pictures from there!

Have nice a day, and see you soon!



Question from the reader – Material from the Parties


Good evening, my dear readers!

Time has flied here as I thought before leaving Finland. Semester is almost halfway through! Can’t believe it!

All the Uni stuff have went really well. I have got excellent grades in every test or online quiz.


The question from the reader: I would like to see some material from parties. Any chance?

So, the topic for today is the ‘party culture’ that I have experienced so far and of course as asked some material.

Overall, the largest difference between JAMK/Finnish student parties and the parties in here Australia is that student unions don’t play such as huge role. Here student unions don’t held parties in bar or other facilities. VUSU (Victoria University Student Union) keeps now and then some events, but they are not so popular as in Finland.

Which means that we ‘party’ with our friends and there isn’t so much role with University connecting people. Usually we keep parties/pres in UniLodge where I live and most of my good friends live. There isn’t any bar for students in Footscray suburb, which kind of suprise me, because here live so many students and I would guess that there would be some kind of market segment for that. Anyway, we order Uber and head up to the city.

Drinking games in here are also similar to Finland. Everyone know how to play beerbong. Card games has small varieties with the rules, but that is of course expexted. The new thing has been the so far the board game, which my German neighbours made. The idea there is simple, just roll the dice and do the tasks. In the middle is the Kings Cup, which is familiar from the card games.

If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment!

Until the next time



My Units for the Semester


Today I am going to introduce you what units I took for my exchange semester.

I chose four (4) units, which equates 30 ECTS in JAMK. Every unit is worth of 7.5 ECTS. In JAMK we mainly have unit sizes of 3,4 or 5 ECTS, so it’s interesting to see, do these units require more work and effort than normal unit in Finland. Here was no special units for exchange students, so it’s required to speak fluent English that you can succeed in this University.

Here is my unit selection, tap the name of the unit if you want to read more (description, details, learning outcomes and assessments)





I have no idea what kind of units they are, except what the description tells about them. Studies related to Sports seems to be quite popular here, but the study selection is so wide, that it’s almost impossible to find someone who has these units in this semester or done them before. The only option was to take something that sounded interesting and what I can’t study in Finland. As you can see I did not choose any overall business units, my selection is fully focused on sport.

I will write here later how units differs from Finland standards. Are they ‘more difficult’ here in the 2% of best universities of the world? Is it so hard to study when everything is in English?





Waiting for the Next Week

Hey guys!

Everything is great here! Weather is not so sunny and warm that you may expect, but it’s not that bad! At least it should be getting warmer all the time..

Days have been mainly past by hanging with our roommates, visiting the centre of Melbourne and drinking etc.

In the weekend most of the exchange students are going to an orientation trip. I didn’t book that because it seemed quite expensive for two days trip and I have plenty of time to travel after my semester ends. So, the weekend is maybe going to be peaceful for me and I try to recover from the flue that I have at the moment.

The semester is going to officially start next Monday, before that I am going to make a post about the units that I took!

And here is of course some pics from here! Somehow I have already used 10% of the picture capacity,  so later on I have to delete some earlier pictures.





It’s All Good out Here!

Hey guys!

It’s now evening of my fourth day here in Melbourne.  However, it doesn’t feel like it. I have already meeted so many new people and got new friends. I use to live in a solo in Finland, so this shared flat with 5 roommates is a whole new experience for me. At least  for now it has been only positive. Our room is quite popular one, here is usually always people hanging who doesn’t live here and the music is on. But it has been fun, this way I get to know more people and here is never boring!

In these past days I have stayed most of the time at Footscray area. I have already visited Victoria University’s Footscray campus, which is a huge (the picture shows very little of the campus). Tutorial day is at Tuesday, so I have couple days left until the official opening of the semester. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get into the Melbourne center by public transportation or Uber/Taxi. Footscray is quite ok at the day time, looks like a regular suburb. Based on the experience of the center of Footscray, this area seems to be in favor of Asians and Africans. We have been adviced that after 7 pm we should not walk here alone, but I haven’t encountered any problems. What I heard was that a little shop next to UniLodge was robbed twice in a two weeks just when I arrived. In the center of Melbourne I have been couple times in the bar/nightclub and today in the Aussie Mates meeting. The first impression is that it seems very much like a every other big city. In the future, I will have more experience of that!

Eating is quite expensive here. They don’t have here student discounts for or any student price meals. Grocery stories don’t have many microwave food options or they are pretty expensive. That is why people in here use a lot food delivery services or eat out. One of mine roommates Guy use to be a chef and he likes to make ‘real’ food, which is a great! We can buy together ingredients, split the costs and cook something good to eat every now and then!


This was just a little check out what is the situation here!

If you have any questions or maybe proposals for the next topic, comment it below!



All the New Things


I have been extremely busy during my first days in Australia! This is my third day here. It was a good choice come here a little bit earlier than the school starts.

I will now tell you something about the first impressions and what it has been so far! So, the flight from Bangkok to Melbourne went well. Even though I did not sleep at all  –  I don’t know, the flight would go easier and faster if I would sleep, but somehow I’m too restless and just watch the movies and tv-series.

You may have heard stories about the Australia’s Immigration and Border Protection and/or watch the tv-show, which comes from Finnish tv-channels. There were also this time a camera crew, or there were signs that told about them, but I didn’t see them. However, everything went really well! Better than I hoped for, I was guessing that they would complain about my football shoes or something else… Because you cannot bring dirty sport equipments or anything with attached to soil. I don’t know would they just made you clean them or would they remove them, but luckily I didn’t have to find about it. The passport control didn’t have any line and I just walked through and the custom didn’t stop me!

After I got through custom, I started to look out my driver, which I ordered from the Victoria University. I searched approximately 15 minutes from the area that I was told he would be, but I could not find him anywhere. Finally, I found a guy with a similar sign, which told me that he is not the right guy, but the guy who is coming for you (and a couple other students) is right there behind you! My driver was sitting in the corner and playing with his mobile phone… He didn’t bother to show the sign or try to have any eye contact with anyone, but luckily I found him and thats for it. I waited with the driver one hour the other Asian students and than headed to my accommodation UniLodge. It took approximately one hour drive from the airport to the UniLodge.

The next thing to do was the registration, which did not go without troubles. The registration took about 20 minutes, I had to sign dozens of papers and this point I was quite tired, because I had not slept at all in the last night and the time difference did get even bigger compared to Finland. I had asked earlier in the email conversation between the UniLodge that can I pay my “pre-arrival” payments with American Express, which includes two months rent, another security deposit, community programm fee and the whole kit & caboodle. They had answered that Yes, they accept it, but there will be added 2,5%, because of the credit card payment, which was fine to me, cause bank will also take they part from the international money tranfer. However, when everything was clear, I had my room card in my hands and the papers were signed, I tried to pay my payment, the card reader didn’t accept it, and they said that: Oh yes, we don’t accept American Express.. In this point I was little upset, because I didn’t have enough money in my Finnish VISA Electron or even if I had the amount, the payment limit would have declined it. The reception crew was very friendly and told me that I can pay it later and just send the receipt to their email and it was OK that way. I got this handled later in that night, but without their co-operation I would have been in trouble…

I took my luggages with me and started to search my room. When I got to my room, nobody was there, so I started to get the WiFi working, because I had to contact with my parents concerning this payment that I could not do with the American Express, which was the original plan to handle all the payments during my stay in UniLodge.

After the stressful day I got everything handled! But this was a good reminder that arrive early enough that you can get all the basic things in order before the semester starts!

I’m staying in a shared room with 6 roommates. Rob from Netherlands, Gabe from Portugal and Guy from England. They all are really great guys! A guy from Japan is not present at the moment and the last guy nobody really knows, but he is not at present either.

Have to say that this accommodation is better than I could wish for! Here is an amazing atmosphere between the student residents! Everyone is very kind and you get instant a feeling that you are very welcome here! I absolutely think already in this point that this was the best choice to stay!

I will write more about my accommodation and the student life here soon as I can! I have been really busy to learn all the new things and get my life rolling here. I have not even realise to take any of good pictures from this place, but I added some sneak peek! I took these pictures right after I arrived.

This was just a scratch from the surface, but I hope that you get something out of this!


Kickstart of the SLIM


Hey everyone!

Today I finally got accomplished to start writing a blog about my upcoming exchange semester. In the near future, I’m going to introduce you the applying process and everything else concerning time before going to the Australia.

So yeah, my blogs name is SLIM ~ Student life in Melbourne. The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I’m the first student from JAMK who are going there as an exchange student.

The University where I’m going to exchange is Victoria University – Melbourne Australia

Here is a cool YouTube video: Study in Melbourne at Victoria University –

I hope that this blog will be helpful for those who are considering exchange semester in Australia! 🙂