Summer School 2015 – Thank You!

Thank you all the participants of Summer School 2015!

Please check ”Presentations” to find some materials from the workshops.

You will also get an email about the feedback, please, response it! In the same email you will also get some information about sharing your photos.

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Have a nice Summer!

:) Summer School Team 2015


We are proudly and happily announcing that 4th International Summer School organized by Teacher Education College of JAMK University of Applied Sciences will take place June 8-12, 2015.

This year the Summer School will explore the theme ”Joy”. We want to be flexible and open, so creativity can mean using arts in education, but also exploring new teaching/learning/counseling/guidance methods, ideas, concepts etc. How to enhance joy in education? What gives us joy in the life? How creativity and joy are connected? How to bring more joy to schools?

This blog will be updated all the time, so check the latest information.

Let’s keep in touch!

Summer school coordinators

Senior Lecturer Jari Aho, tel. +358 40 532 2748
Senior Lecturer Mari Kolu, tel. +358 40 581 1330

Summer school secretary

Education Secretary Minna Demirel, tel. +358 50 591 3658