YuYu 2015 China

Nursing student final clinical training in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, BeiJing China.

Finished one month clinical training in the intensive care unit

Four weeks of clinical training in the intensive care unit was completed! My feelings to the nurses’ job there was “intensive”. I decided to have one nurse as my supervisor because it was easier to follow one person for the whole period and the trust relationship would built within time. Thus l could learn more and have more practice opportunities during my practice.

During the four weeks, l had only worked for three to four days a week and in total the working days was 13 days. However, the working hours was about 40 hours per week because each shift last from 12 to 13 hours. In the intensive care unit they only had day shift and night shift, and working hours was from 7:20- 20:00 and 19:20 -08:00 respectively. Lunch break and dinner break was included in the day shift, however there was no specific coffee break or meal break during night shift. I had one night shift every week, and after the night shift l felt that l would pass out! It was too busy most of the time, I got dehydrated and the working hours was too long making me exhausted!

The learning experiences there were most valuable for me because it was the most systematic learning. I had opportunities to write nursing interventions on the patient’s electrical medical history and gave oral report during the shift changing. In addition, l had communication opportunities with both  patient and their family members. It was great feelings to communicate with them, however, sometimes I feel it might be better if l do not know what is going on.

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