YuYu 2015 China

Nursing student final clinical training in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, BeiJing China.

Orientation Day and First Day at the Emergency Department

Orientation Day

My first day was mainly focused on orientation, introduction, figure out timetable, welcome dinner and how to get around in the hospital. PUMCH is big, NO, actually it is HUGE. The total construction area is approximately 530,000 square meters. The tutors and teachers are amazingly thoughtful, they come to take me from my apartment to the hospital to get me uniform and showed me around in the history of museum exhibition building of PUMCH, other departments, wards, and cafeterias. My apartment is 10 minutes away from the hospital by walking.


First Day at the Emergency Department

Busy! Busy! Busy!  There were about 300 patients at the “triage nursing working station” of emergency department from 12 am  until 5 pm. Don’t be surprises! They have approximately 450 patients everyday on average. They consider that under 400 patients are not too busy and sometimes the number may reach up to 600. The emergency department is 24 hours available for their clients.

The emergency department has six units, including triage, resuscitation unit, emergency intensive care unit , emergency of international department, ward, and observing room. The triage nursing working station has two nurses working there take basic vital signs (BP, O2, Temperature) and ask the some basic information (reason to come to the hospital, pain, location of pain, medication) , and they are responsible for designating patients to the correct doctors. It is a not so organized, however, they are amazingly efficient.

There were all types of patients with different emergency needs or non-emergency needs. It was an amazing day for me as a student to see how everything works. I will be placed in six units for a day for the first week and choose two units for staying for my following two weeks.


The history exhibition of PUMCH. Founded in 1921 by Rockefeller Foundation.


The nursing uniform. Ms: Ying Liu


One area of the historical museum.


The model of PUMCH. As you can see, the whole block is the hospital area.


Welcome dinner HaiDiLao Hotpot with other colleges.


The half spicy and half non-spicy hot pot.


Delicious vegetables and fruits.


Time to eat! It was DELICIOUS!


All the nurses,and teachers are extremely friendly and kind to me. I am  enjoying here so far.



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