How did I choose the destination?

Well.. First I had to put my feelings and thoughts in one question: What do I want from the exchange? Do I want to learn a new language or maybe train already learned language (in this occasion English)? Do I want to see and get more experience from other culture about health care? There are many questions that you can make to be sure if the destination is the adequate and the best for you at that moment. But for me the most important reason was to train and develop my English language skills.


In the beginning I had only one option in my mind and it was Northampton, England. But when you are used to live with the winter and that kind of weather, you start to look for an other options and then the coordinator of the university told me about Malta. I thought that was a good option because I can train my English and the weather would not be the same than in Finland. And of course I heard that there is a good quality in health care at the hospitals. So everything looked like this was the right one.


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