About Malta

Malta is a very small island with old buildings here between Italy and Africa. Malta is a catholic country and the religion is very important for them. There are two official languages: English and Maltese. Where ever you go you can speak in English and everybody could respond you in English except some older people. The communication with other people is easy at least if we talk about language.


There are a lot of foreigners here in Malta. I think you can find people from any country that you want. You name some country, you have the people from that country here in Malta; Spanish, Italian, English, Brazilian etc, etc. There are also a lot of students doing internships or studying English.


But it is a bit difficult to find big markets like Prisma or City market in Finland instead of that you can find a lot of small markets close to your apartment or at least not that faraway. Lidl is also here in Malta if you like it. It is better to keep with you some cash because if you want to pay with card it could not be always possible. Sometimes you have to spend at least 10 euros that you could pay with card.


The transport is left-hand here and the traffic is terrible here in Malta. There is not highways so at the same time when you are going to work, there are some other people who is also going to work. The same thing when you leave work. If your work from home to work is about 5 or 6 kilometers, it would take around 1,5 or 2 hours minimum. The bus comes sometimes early and leaves before it has to leave and sometimes it does not come at all. But when you start to manage this, everything is right.


The price level is almost the same in Finland. There is not that cheaper than what you could imagine. You have to buy bottle water because the water is not healthy to drink and I think the bacterial flora is very different than in Finland. For example, one 2,5l bottle six pack’s price is 2,89€. Everyone including the Maltese people carry them own water bottle to work.


Immediately when you get your acceptation about your exchange to Malta, go to Tallinja card (www.publictransport.com.mt/en/tallinja-card) and order your Tallinja card for students if you are up 3 months or Tallinja card for adults if you are under 3 months. This is cheaper than pay 1,50€ per trip.


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