To do -list before the exchange period

So after a long time of thinking I chose Malta for my exchange destination. The practical trainings that I decided (after asking the courses’ teachers) were: Medical nursing practice 1 and Family nursing practice 2 (or Home caring practice as we call it in Finland). So I asked the teachers if this idea is good for my studies etc, etc. When I got the positive answer I started to do all the official things.


Because I wanted to do my internships in two different places, my exchange is not going to be Eramus+ exchange. Medical nursing practice 1 -placement I was supposed to get from the University of Malta and Family nursing practice 2 I had to make as a free mover. I got some information about Inspire Malta (, so I started to be in contact with the coordinator of volunteers and interns of Inspire. She showed the green light for the internship and it was almost done with this.


Be sure what kind of exchange are you going to do that you can fill the right documents and be in contact with the right person in your destination country. For example, from the beginning of my arrangement I was in contact with the coordinator of the incoming Erasmus students of the University of Malta.Instead of that I should have been in contact with the coordinator of international students. Because with the Erasmus exchange you must do some tasks before you get accepted to your internships, so there is the difference between being an Erasmus student and a free mover.


I list here some things that I did before my exchange period:

-What documents did I need to fill for my exchange?

  • Learning agreement student mobility for studies (In this paper is the Erasmus -logo so don’t get confused!)
  • Practical training plan/agreement

-No Visa or residence permit needed because Malta is part of the European Union.

-We got an offer from the coordinator of volunteers of Inspire Malta about an apartment here in Marsascala near to Inspire.

  • We (me and my wife) came here to Malta together to do our internships. She was in contact with the person who had the room in the apartment for us.

– We had one-stop flight from Helsinki to Malta via Frankfurt. The price was around 250€ for one-way tickets (very expensive I think)

  • Our internship started on Monday the 12th of March so we arrived to Malta the 10th of March.

-I think a good and broad insurance is very necessary always when you are abroad.




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