Mater Dei Hospital

Well, I don’t remember if I told in the previous posts about my accommodation here in Marsascala. So to get to Mater Dei at 7 o’clock every morning from Marsascala was terrible, not only because the early getting up but also because the traffic at that time of the morning in Malta is horrible. The distance is not that bad but the trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes or more depending of the traffic. You can think at what time have to get up every morning.


My placement was for 5 weeks at Observation ward 1A. I had one tutor who I worked with in some of her shifts. There was all kind of patients but most of them has some heart, respiratory, or anemia  problems. The age of the patients was from 45 and more. There were three rooms in the ward and beds were 16. Rooms were for both gender. Every nurse takes care of every patients so there was not “the own patient -policy”.


There is not any digital information system to write medical report for nurses but only for doctors. So any medical report has to be written in the paper ones and all the documents are achieved in the file of the patient. Medical report has to be written in English to help any nurses who are not Maltese speaking.


What kind of tasks are there to do in the ward?

A lot of nebulizer things with the patients with respiratory problems, distributions of the medicaments to the patient’s pill dispensers, feeding patients, measurement of blood sugar and caring of insulin, measurement of the parameters, writing medical reports to the files, assisting doctors in cannulating (only the doctors are allowed to cannulate here in Malta), wound caring, being part of round of the doctors.


How long is the shift?

-Day shift: From 7am till 7pm, 12 hours per shift.

-Morning shift: From 7am til 1pm, 6 hours per shift. This only if you have the next time for example night shift.

-Night shift: From 7pm till 7am, 12 hours.


What kind of work clothes?

There is not provided clothes for free at the hospital here in Malta. So you need to take with you some work clothes for example from the hospital. Remember also to take shoes that are closed from the top, for example sneakers or Crocs. Open shoes from the top are not allowed to use because of contamination risk.





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