Inspire Malta

Inspire is a non-profit organization that leads the way in providing therapeutic, education and leisure services to persons with disabilities in Malta and Gozo. Inspire is the creation of two leading NGOs working in the disability sector in Malta. Inspire has two centers, 1 in Marsascala and 1 in Zejtun (Bulebel).


There are many different ways to do the needed therapy for the clients who come to Marsascala centre, for example: Therapeutic horseback riding, Multi-sensory therapy (Soft play environment, the dark room and the white room), arts and crafts, pool, gym or physiotherapy.


The clients could for example, STAR (=children between the age of 0 and 16 with brain injury or physical disabilities. NAS (=the early bird program offers support to the parents of children who have an autistic spectrum disorder under 5 years of age), PACES (= this is the parent and client educational services, falls within those services offered for clients with intellectual disabilities. PACE 1 the early intervention group, the kinder group and the first primary group, PACE 2 the last primary years and secondary years), STEP (=structured training and education program early years, middle years and outreach), ADULTS with disabilities for example, autism, Down syndrome.


I have worked in most of them programs. But the most where I have worked was with adults. There was many kind of things to do with them. They have some kind of project that they have to work with, for example now they are working iin arts and crafts to do some stuff to one project for Malta’s government.


This program wants to increase the client’s independence. That’s why we have different schedules for different days and we have to follow the schedule for the clients could learn about responsibility. Sometimes we cook together or go outside to some restaurant or coffee to learn how to interact in this kind of places. Sometimes we have some sports to do all together. Some of the clients would need more help than other, some needs feeding and some of them needs only guidance.


I have liked very much working in Inspire and it was a very good way to meet new people here in Malta. Because Inspire takes volunteers who usually are working for 6 o 12 months. The volunteers are people from different countries of Europe. It was very nice to work with them and spend time. I recommend this place if you are also interested to meet new people.


If you are applying for Inspire, I recommend to take an accommodation from Marsaskala.



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