One Month After

Now that I have been in Finland over one month, I started to think about the things I have experienced. I felt so happy when I finally arrived to Joensuu. I invited one of my exchange friends, Serena, to my parents house when she wanted to visit Finland.

The week with her was kind of last thing that remainded me from the exchange. When she left to Sweden, I knew that that was the end of the exchange life.

What do I feel now when I think back and think about the overall experience I feel happy. I am seriously happy that I left. Even though it wasn’t that kind of life-changing experience that I thought I am happy that I left. That was my dream and it came true.

I think this experience made me a little bit stronger. I am not that insecure anymore. And I also feel more international. Germany is a country where I have no problems to manage the daily life.


I could say to everyone who is thinking whether to leave or stay, that you should LEAVE! One day you will realize the fact that you made new friends, you traveled with your friends, you felt that you belong to the city you live in and life abroad is just going on.



– Happy that I left, happy to be at home