Chapter 1.25: Paperwork, bloody paperwork

Hello again, peeps!

This time around not so much have happened. Breda sent in an e-mail that I’m accepted and sent them the learning agreement. Now just fiddling with my fingers nervously and hoping that everything is okay.

Meanwhile, did a language assesment which is demanded for Erasmus Study Grant. The first invitation went to junkmail-folder, and the mobile Outlook-app or desktop-extetion didn’t show it. Lesson nr. n+1: Remeber to check the junkmail-folder as well. Eventually got a link to the service and passed the test. As a result, going to get the grant for the exchange. Makes life easier, then. 😀 And it was a fun test to do, a way to challenge oneself to see just how challenging language one can understand.

Also got an e-mail from Breda, apparently I need to go to the State Office there and announce that I’ve arrived (Insert a Fabulous entrance meme here XD ) to live there for a few months. Apparently that’s a thing to take care of closer to the date. Yet another bureaucratic mini-adventure ahead.

Otherwise things don’t look too complicated. Going to report about accommodation once it’s all sorted out in later posts, that’s perhaps the biggest stressor to deal with.

More to come when having stuff to write about.

‘Till the next time! <3