Chapter 2: Arrival to Breda. Part 1: First impressions

First days at the Netherlands, almost a week. Here are the first quick impressions.


A picture from the landing to Amsterdam Schipol.
When landing to Amsterdam Schipol, this view was the one that made me fall in love with the Netherlands a bit. A canal sided with trees. Beautiful. (Not to mention a runway going over the said canal.)


Enjoying Breda already! It has some nice historical buildings and in general the kind of architecture which makes the city feel warm. The traffic as a bit crazy compared to finnish traffic. Cars drive very fast, as well as bikes.

During the first days noticed that Visa Electron does not work in most of the places, and the supermarket that sells food, doesn’t accept credit card. On the other hand, in most other places they accept the basic credit card, and the laundry system of my accommodation needs credit card as well. So, a credit card is a must to have on an exchange. The finnish combination of Credit/Debit might cause some issues, though. Be prepared! There’s also an opportunity to start a local account, but for five months it might be too much extra bureaucracy. One can decide it themselves, though. 😀 There are ATMs to extract money from finnish cards as well, though.


The Great Church of Breda.
De Grote of Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk. The Great Church of Breda. It’s beautiful from both inside and outside and is situated in the center of the town.


The apartment is nice, generally very clean and spacey with good equipment like fridge and stove. The roommates are nice as well and we’re finding our tune together quite well. 😀

Decided to rent a bike, which I got on Monday, because the journey to school is a bit on the long side. The campus of IMEM and IDAG (game design) where moved to another campus due to changes at NHTV, or as from September 1st, Buas, Breda University of Applied sciences.

Had some home sickness before getting more used to the apartment and the area. Mostly things are a bit unfamiliar and the stress of traveling and packing is starting to release itself. But believing it’ll pass ones the school starts. 😀 On Saturday met some other international people through Erasmus ESN-network, which helped. 😀 Local bars are relatively small and the place the event was at, was crowded. Music was good, and drinks cheaper than in Finland. Didn’t want to risk it on the first night, so left very early back to apartment, just in case

The locals speak english very well in general, and they seem to be surprised that people from Finland visit their country. 😀 Or then I’m just so ridiculous tourist now. XD On Monday’s International Kick-Off, a staff member of the bike rental company said that there have been quite a few finns getting their bikes that day. Saw at least three finns, based on their name tags, on that day.

Took the Tuesday after the Kick-Off lazily. Found a way to the new campus of IMEM, and got lost a couple of times. Highly recommending either downloading local off-line maps on your phone, or a paper map of the area. My own connection dealer was Telia, and wasn’t interested to get a local prepaid, so rather tried saving the relatively large amount of mobile internet for “emergency” situations during the exchange.

The courses starts on next Monday, so taking this week as a chance to rest and get used to the area. The courses I chose are second year studies. Found them interesting and supportive for my professional goals. When meeting international students who are starting their game development degree, feeling a bit of a stab. But thinking that these studies and the experience in the Netherlands in general are useful.

Don’t know when there’s time to write more new relevant things. Just waiting for the actual studies to begin. 😀

Take care you all!

Until the next time!