Chapter 3: Studies at BUAS

Studying in the Netherlands is intense, that was not a surprise based on the information online. There’s plenty of interesting 2-3 credit courses, which offer a variation of assignments to do. In BUAS IMEM the semester consists of two 6+2-week blocks, in which the first six weeks consists of lectures, tutorials (= more practical classes in class-groups) and home-assignments. The seventh week is a study-week, when the students have time to study for the exams and finalize assignments before deadlines, which can be during the study week. The eight week is the exam-week, when all of the exams and some assignment return take place. In each block rinse and repeat, though from 2nd block onward there’s a ninth week for re-dos. For a Finn it felt like a return to high-school. 😀

In practice each lecture-/tutorial-week had different schedule, each week was individual and a proof of efficient schedule planning with many teachers to teach the crowd of 5 classes of approximately 20-30 students. The teachers expected professional approach to many things, yet where understanding and supportive. Each of the teachers had experience from the actual industry of their own, such as from marketing in a worldwide company, editorial work in television, and so on. The lectures and workshops where inspiring and of good quality.

The amount of assignments was a bit of an expected surprise, but luckily there were a days and hours between lessons to work on those. For and exchange students there was a bit more to world with to catch up knowledge-wise with the locals. BUAS doesn’t give discounts to the exchange students, we were just like the degree students. There were days when I worked on homework until midnight to wake up to get to school at 9. And a sprint of four days on one study week to start working at 10 and work until one or two in the morning to finish two assignment with deadlines in following days. The funny thing was that I actually enjoyed the chance to concentrate only on one assignment for the whole day, because the assignments were interesting. Wouldn’t do such sprints for too long, though. 😀

For those who’d like to travel and have some fun outside of school during their exchange in the Netherlands, I don’t recommend doing 30 credits in a semester there if you want to get good grades. If your grade isn’t enough for a pass, you take a redo in the next block. I had to make time for both weekly trainings on Saturdays and three day-trips to three cities and didn’t have much time or energy to explore Breda during the studies. However, I’m a slow and thorough perfectionist when it comes to studying, so take it with a pinch of salt. ;P

While it was demanding and exhausting at times, enjoyed the Dutch ways of teaching, because all the time I had an idea of what to do next and the teachers knew their business.

Until the next chapter!

<3 Anna