Adventure called Breda

A small blog of a Tiko student about an adventure in the Netherlands, Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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Jamk Tiko Student. Trying to brag herself to Breda for an exchange. We’ll se how it goes. XD Forever curious, forever helpful.

Chapter 8: Home

It’s already May when writing this. The exchange was worth it. A unique chance to get to know a new culture, new people, try your wings in a different country, to have an adventure on your own, to learn new languages. I’m still reading scandinavian/german words in dutch way, agenda turning into “ahenda” (pardon my […]

Chapter 7: Food

Note: Will be adding posts in random order about random subjects along the way. Enjoy! Dutch food culture, local dutch food. There really isn’t any. Or, there’s a strong snack-culture, and incorporated foods from the biggest immigrating cultures, but the actual dutch food is quite scarce, and the locals admit it and joke about it […]

Chapter 3: Studies at BUAS

Studying in the Netherlands is intense, that was not a surprise based on the information online. There’s plenty of interesting 2-3 credit courses, which offer a variation of assignments to do. In BUAS IMEM the semester consists of two 6+2-week blocks, in which the first six weeks consists of lectures, tutorials (= more practical classes […]

Chapter 2: Arrival to Breda. Part 1: First impressions

First days at the Netherlands, almost a week. Here are the first quick impressions.     Enjoying Breda already! It has some nice historical buildings and in general the kind of architecture which makes the city feel warm. The traffic as a bit crazy compared to finnish traffic. Cars drive very fast, as well as […]

Chapter 1.5: Accommodation aquired

Hello again!   It’s been a short while since the last update. Since then something relevant has happened: found a place to stay!   In general, NHTV doesn’t offer dormitories or student rooms for the exchange students automatically and students need to find their own accommodations. However, the school is part of an arrangement called […]

Chapter 1.25: Paperwork, bloody paperwork

Hello again, peeps! This time around not so much have happened. Breda sent in an e-mail that I’m accepted and sent them the learning agreement. Now just fiddling with my fingers nervously and hoping that everything is okay. Meanwhile, did a language assesment which is demanded for Erasmus Study Grant. The first invitation went to […]

Chapter 1: How on Earth to apply for an exchange?

Hello! From where to begin this story? From the day I began the studies in JAMK Business Information Management? Sounds about right. The first week. They talked about student exchange. About how it changes a person. About how it gives one a hand in applying for work. Challenge accepted! And then forgot for a year […]