First week in England

I have been here in Southampton over one week. I don’t know where to start! 😀 I have seen so many new people and places that it feels much longer than a week.

When I arrived to England I spent my first night near by the Gatwick Airport. I booked an accommodation from AirBnb and that was a really good decision. Even the flight wasn’t long (just three hours), I was quite tired when I arrived to the airport. It was really nice when I got a transfer from Airport to my accommodation and it took only 10 minutes to get there.

Next morning I took a direct train to Southampton from Gatwick airport. There was a funny coincidence when I arrived to Southampton train station. I noticed a blond girl and I just went and asked her that “Hey, are you from Finland?”. And thank god she was Finnish, because I don’t know how the conversation would have ended otherwise.  😀

It turned out that she is also going to study in Solent University and we are in the same Erasmus group. That was so funny that we came exactly by the same train and same time. And here is not many Finnish students 😀

After that I arrived to my residence called Lucia Foster. This is a student residence and I’m sharing the kitchen, toilets and bathrooms with nine other people. Luckily I have my own room where I can always escape.  My roommates are from Czech, France, Portugal, Spain and Latvian. So I am the only Finnish here in our residence.

In the end of the first week our school started and we had a chance to meet other Erasmus people too. We got our student cards and access to the school system. I have to say that our University is so awesome!

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