How are things in England?

I have been here in Southampton now over two months. I have had most amazing time here in England! I just love British culture and people here.

Unfortunately now things are going crazy because of the coronavirus. First our schools students were advised to continue as normal. But since last week our school is closed and the University is working fully remotely. That’s why I am also going back to Finland on the 1st of April. I’m very sad I have to end my exchange like this because I have really enjoyed being here. I hope when this whole situation is over I could come back to England.

But now I’m not going to focus on corona. I want to write about practical things during this exchange. Today I’m going to start with accommodation.


I’m living in a student residence which is called Lucia Foster Welch. This was one of the Solent University’s student accommodation options. For me it was sure that I don’t want to live alone when I am moving to another country. Student accommodation is more than just a roof over your head.  The place you live can have a real impact on how well you settle into university life.

Even this dorm was one of the cheapest options; it is definitely not cheap at all. My rent is around 450 pounds each month. I’m sharing the flat with nine (9) other students. We all have our own rooms but we share the kitchen, and toilets and showers. So that’s why I think it is not cheap. 😀

I was a little bit worried about how it is going to be with so many people in the same flat. Really, nine people sharing the kitchen, toilets and showers? “It should be a mess”, I thought. But I also thought that my experience period is lasting just four months, so I could do it even standing on my head. But I’m so lucky because my flat mates are really nice people and they are also surprisingly tidy. We have also weekday cleaning which is a really good thing.

All rooms within the student residences are furnished with a bed, chairs, desk, wardrobe and bookshelf space. All of the kitchens within the student residences are equipped with electric hobs, ovens and microwaves, fridge/freezer, kettles and vacuum cleaners.

What you will need to bring your own:

  • Cooking utensils (pots and pans should be suitable for electric hob),
  • Crockery (including cups, plates and dishes),
  • Cutlery
  • Toilet rolls
  • Bedsheets
  • Towels
  • Duvet and pillow

So it is a lot of stuff what you have to bring with you or buy when you are arrived. I wanted everything to be as simply as possible because I knew I don’t have energy to go for IKEA shopping when I’m arriving to my new home. That’s why I ordered almost everything from Uni Kit . So they delivered everything to my residence before I arrived. And it wasn’t even really expensive.

Okay, now I’m going to sleep and will continue later ;D See ya! <3

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