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Life on Exchange in Southampton England Spring 2020

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I guess you’re wondering… who am I?

I am Rita from Jyväskylä Finland and I’m a Master’s Degree student in Tourism and Hospitality Management in JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

-Wild thing with a soft heart & deep mind-

How are things in England?

I have been here in Southampton now over two months. I have had most amazing time here in England! I just love British culture and people here. Unfortunately now things are going crazy because of the coronavirus. First our schools students were advised to continue as normal. But since last week our school is closed […]

First week in England

I have been here in Southampton over one week. I don’t know where to start! 😀 I have seen so many new people and places that it feels much longer than a week. When I arrived to England I spent my first night near by the Gatwick Airport. I booked an accommodation from AirBnb and […]

Hello world!

Soon I will be travelling to England, to Southampton. I will study travel and tourism management at the Solent University. I am a second year student from Jyväskylä University of applied sciences and I’m studying my master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality management. I have been working in the hotel industry almost nine years in […]