Working and living in Cairo, Egypt.

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As tourists…

Hello again, it’s been a while… Now we are already in Finland but we still want to share some memories from Cairo. This time we’ll tell you something about the sights and what you can do on your spare time in Cairo. On our first week in Cairo we we visited, probably the most famous […]

Voluntary work in Mokattam

Here in Cairo we work in two different places in Mokattam. Other place is young street mother’s shelter and the other one children’s center. The way to work is quite interesting; we have to take metro and two microbuses to get to Mokattam. First we need to take metro from Sakanat el Maadi to El […]

Practical arrangements before going to Cairo

is-Salaamu alaikum! Here we are, in Cairo, Egypt. We arrived here ten days ago and so far everything’s okay and we have had many interesting experiences. But before we tell more about life in here, let’s start from the beginning, in other words practical arrangements and feelings before going abroad. We found our host organization, […]