Should I go abroad? Yes, I should!



It was autumn semester 2018 when I called to JAMK´s international office to hear if there is any interesting upcoming international opportunities for the year 2019 for Rehabilitation Counseling student which I am. Soon I found out that JAMK`s Health and Social Unit has very interesting Erasmus+ project going on with Heimerer College, Pristina Kosovo.

At the beginning I really did not have much knowledge about Pristina as a city or Kosovo as a country. I found whole Balkan area very interesting but at the same time I had thoughts and images about poor and politically unrest area.

Nevertheless, I consider myself a fearless and open-minded person so I applied and happily got accepted to 2 months internship period in Pristina, Kosovo for Winter Semester 2019.

Here you can read about my amazing adventure in interesting newborn Balkan Country. You will get introduction to local food culture and way of living.  You will also get to know some of my experiences about local social and healthcare system and student life.


I`m going even so far that I will introduce you some street dogs. So keep reading :D.