Our journey has begun


We arriving at Heimerer for the first time.

We two Rehabilitation counselor students decided to go to Pristina Kosovo for a period of two months in autumn 2019. My name is Matilda and my friend and colleague in this journey is Antti. Antti`s blog you will find from here.

Our main goal with our Erasmus+ exchange in Pristina is to participate in internship periods and study visits. We are the first exchange students in Kolegji Heimerer from our program so everything is not so structured with the project yet. Though everyone has been very helpful. Especially our international tutors Arlinda and Elena and our lovely International assistant Anyla.


Lunch gathering for the very first days at Heimerer with International assistance and our tutor student Arlinda.

In the beginning, we were going to two internship places but during the way, the plan changed by our receiving organization and we got a great opportunity to get to know bit more places and get more information about Kosovo’s healthcare and social system. I really appreciate opportunity to see many different fields and get knowledge about how things go in the Kosovan system. In future posts I will tell you more about our study visit and internship periods.

Kolegji Heimerer building in Pristina

BKT in Finland is about 48 500$/ per capita (year 2018) and in Kosovo 4200$/ per capita (year 2018). Because of less amount of capital Kosovan system is made with much fewer investments than our system in Finland. I hope that during my journey I get to know how things are made here in Kosovo with limited resources. I think this is pretty important to us Finnish also because the world is changing. Our social and healthcare system in Finland will soon face a new era when resources will be more limited.