Freetime between studies

Kosovans seems to have lost of free time and they enjoy it.
In Pristina, you can find many places to eat and drink and sense the local lifestyle. Especially the cafe culture is very strong and people in Pristina are very outgoing and young. The average age for Kosovan is a little bit over 27 years when in Finland it is about 44 years. Though Kosovo is still a Muslim country so people do not use so much alcohol they might do in most European countries. Eating out is the thing in Pristina and prices are very reasonable for north Europeans. You can see some examples of the prices under the pictures.



Icecream about 2 euros.
Salad about 3,50 euros.


Breakfast for two persons (includes Coffees) 5 euros.
Cup of Macchiato about 0,50-1,00 euros.

If you stay a bit longer time in Pristina you can, for example, start a new hobby like I did. I started to go to Crossfit and I will go on with this sport when I go back home. Unfortunately, my favorite sport running is not possible here for two reasons one is air pollution and the second is the lack of walking roads and sidewalks. The country is still kind of poor and even though they have succeeded to build some highways the walkable infrastructure is very unfinished. Unfortunately air quality in Pristina is very bad and especially wintertime comparable to some very polluted city in Asia.

Pristina is a very good place for shopping and also you can find several beauty treatments and services even five times cheaper than in northern Europe.