Meet our tutor student Arlinda


In Kosovo people speak Albanian language and especially in the field of social and healthcare the skill is very important. The Albanian language is very difficult. So two months exchange period is way too short time to learn the language- so with the English language, we go!

There is still lots of situation where Albanian language skill is very needed and our tutor-student Arlinda have been a great help with those situations. As I told our receiving organization are not so familiar with exchange students yet and here is no ready-made plan for everything.


We are very lucky to get to know Arlinda and she has helped us so much with all the studying related issues but shown us so much culture and told us about places in Kosovo and neighbor countries. She even took us on different trips to Albania and North-Macedonia. We very felt us welcome here in Kosovo because of her! Arlinda is a very interesting person and at the very first days in Kosovo, we get to know that she knows almost all street dogs in Pristina by name and help them through different animal rescue organizations donating them food and also money for medical care.