Monthly Archives: September 2013

Busy weekend

Last weekend – sitting, walking, sitting, bit sleeping, sitting, really much walking and sitting/sleeping. And of course within all these actions at Saturday we saw Heidelberg city and castle and at Sunday we visited Frankfurt International Motor show. Both days were long and exhausting but also full of cool things to see. Saturday’s trip to Heidelberg was organized by our school. Heidelberg is a beautiful old city next to Neckar river and castle in Heidelberg is huge and really cool, it is worth visiting. By the way, there was first time in my life when I ate pork knuckle. It was in Vetter’s brauhaus – restaurant and got to admit that it wasn’t the last time when eat that food. It was really good.

A view from castle to Heidelberg city

Group paying attention to our quide…

At Sunday morning we jumped to train with Eemil, Olli, Dalmar and Sarah and travelled to Frankfurt. Joni, Atte and some other guys came to Frankfurt by rental car. There we went to experience Frankfurt International Motor show. We spent there whole day from morning to evening and we barely managed to see areas of every car brands, the exhibition is HUGE. There is extremely much things to see, especially if you like cars. But also really much people, areas of more popular car brands were really crowded. And have to say that because of those huge masses of people I had moments when I wished to be in some forest in Finland all by myself making coffee at campfire. But we survived and anyway it was really nice trip and I’m happy that we went there.
And to end some facts: German IC – trains have separate cabins for six persons, seats in cabin are adjustable so much that you can chance them to “beds”. How cool is that??!!

On our way home our cabin was a bed for five persons, the most comfortable train trip ever.

Frankfurt Messe – The area of Motor show

Living abroad

I’m living abroad. Sounds weird and feels even weirder. I still haven’t got used to the fact that I really am living and studying in Germany. I have new friends and people around me, new school, student accommodation, new country, culture and language. And so much opportunities to travel and do things which I have wanted to do long time. Living in Germany is actually cheaper than in Finland, so all you, who are willing to study abroad but are afraid of the personal economy, don’t worry. Groceries, rent at least in student apartments and beverages and food in restaurants are more or less cheaper here than back in home.
Got to admit that this is a unique chance in life to experience many new things.
So far everything has worked really well and it has felt good to be here.

Roadtrip to Austria and back

Last weekend was something unbelievable. We did a roadtrip to Austria and back. On Friday we rented a car and headed to Fysse, which is at Germany and Austria border. After Fysse and some really awesome scenery and castle we headed to Austria and went to small town called Reutte, there we found nice and cheap hotel to spend night. We also had really nice dinner there in some restaurant. Next morning we jumped into car and drove to Innsbruck. There we went to experience the Alps. It was first time for me to be at the Alps and got to say that I really liked it, I have dreamed many years to get to the Alps and ski. Now half of my dream has come true, but I still need to get back there at winter and do some downhill skiing.

Castle in Fysse

After Innsbruck we turned our car to Zell am See and some really awesome, scary and unbelievable Alpine road. I have never been so scary and excited at same time than going on that road over 2500 meters altitude. In the evening we finally survived to Zell am See where we had hotel rooms booked.
At Sunday morning we headed to Salzburg. There we walked round the town and accidentally went to some shop that sold traditionally German lederhosen. And of course we had to buy those because they were sold at half price, so we saved lots of money…… At afternoon we started last part of trip, back to Esslingen. It was mostly just driving on autobahn and it suited just fine for me and our reliable warhorse Audi…..