Kessler and Bodensee

Last Friday we had another different day at school. The topic of that day was tour in a Germany’s oldest sparkling wine producer Kessler, which is here in Esslingen, and it was mandatory! Well I was more than willing to visit there so no problem for me. At Kessler we had a tour in whole factory, we went through warehouse, cellars and producing areas. And at the end of tour we went to tasting room where we tasted three different Kessler sparkling wines. Tour guide said that Kessler concentrates on quality instead of volume and that was quite clear after seeing their factory and tasting their products.

Other trip arranged by school was last Sunday. That trip was to Bodensee, third biggest lake in Middle-Europe. Bodensee is in a border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Trip included tour in a Zeppelin museum, castle tour in Meersburg and boat trip from Meersburg to Friedrichshafen. It was long day but we saw many interesting, stunning and beautiful things so it was totally worth it. If you go to Bodensee, do it in summer and take the boat trip.