Volksfest vs Oktoberfest

Autumn brought with it traditional festivals to Germany. And of course we had to find out what kind of celebrations those are. During our first exchange student week we already booked tickets to Oktoberfest in Munchen, just to make sure that we get there. At that time we didn’t even know very much about these local festivals here in Stuttgart, which are called Volksfest. Before going to Munchen we had possibility to experience Volksfests with large group of exchange students and our tutors.
After visiting Volksfest first time I realized that I have never before seen parties like that. We had lots of fun. In the end we ended up going few times more to Volksfest and we had good time there.

Then came time to visit Munchen and Oktoberfest. First expression of Munchen wasn’t good because it was cold and rainy when we arrived there. It was Saturday afternoon when we went to Oktoberfest area and quite fast we realized that it was too late to try to get inside in any of festival tents, every place was already full. So in the end our experience of Oktoberfest was one beer and Apfelstrudel in one small place at festival area, but Strudel was good and place was nice. And best of all, when we went back to hotel we found out that there was a Sauna! After relaxing in Sauna we went to city to eat good dinner.
Whole Sunday we spent walking around Munchen with Sarah, Olli and Eemil. I was surprised how beautiful city Munchen is, expensive but beautiful. Totally worth visiting.
At Sunday morning Dalmar and Anni headed back to festivals and spent their day in there. They had good time there and we at city so in the end everyone was satisfied.