Exploring surroundings

Our dormitory lies in area which is a bit hilly. So it’s quite nice to do small hikes to hills during weekends or free days. Usually we have always found some new and cool places during our expeditions. So far the longest walk was last Saturday when me, Olli and Sarah conquered a hill which has bothered us since first walks around surroundings. It’s quite far away and only hill without trees, so we had to see what’s up there. We walked there through forest which is some kind of national park, so scenery was really beautiful. We ended up walking in forest even further than the hill, so walk to destination took about 2 hours. But it was really nice, because it has been a long time since being in peace of forest and nature. Finally when we arrived to hill we found out that it was some kind of old refuse dump area, or at least that is our best conclusion about the place’s function. It was bit hard to get to hill and we felt bit weird being there but finally we conquered the hill so it doesn’t bother us anymore.

Finally on the hill!

By the way, forests here are awesome. Especially deciduous forests because they are so different than at home. Trees are really big and they usually have leafs only at top of tree. And sometimes the ground is really clean, there is no underbrushes so it’s easy and nice to walk around there. But of course nothing beats good old Finnish birch forests 😉

What’a f*** Where are we…