Monthly Archives: December 2013

Long time no see

Phew! It’s been a while since I last time updated my blog. Almost two months to be exact… I know that there is no good enough reasons to forget the blog updating but I am still going to try and give some awesome explanations.
Here it comes: I have been busy.
Hopefully you forgive me 🙂

To be honest, last one and half months have been crazy, and now I am not talking about fun kind of craziness. We have had really much school stuff to do. Three different projects plus normal schooldays and laboratory works is quite nice cocktail which guarantees good stress. And of course few exams in December before holidays. But now all that is behind and I have time to review the highlights of last two months.

By the way, the reason why I have time now and why I am still in Germany writing this blog is that my autumn season here in Germany ends like it started. I missed a flight once again. This time the reason was my awful bed, which still seems to be comfortable enough to oversleep. Luckily I was able to change flight for Sunday so I still should get home for Christmas. Me and flying seems to be a bad combination.

Pre – Christmas party

Something extraordinary happened at November. I did a trip which I certainly didn’t plan to do when I started my exchange student – time in Germany. I travelled to Finland.

But I have good expalanation for this kind of travelling. I came to visit Pre – Christmas party in Himos. And I went there with Sarah. The story behind that is simple: I got invitation to party, but I wasn’t going to join the event. But I told Sarah about it and she said that she really would like to see Finland. I also wanted to show her my great homeland and visit the party with her so then  we decide to book flights and make surprise visit to Himos and Jyväskylä.

It was good decision, I got to see my good friends and family with Sarah and also had a chance to show her something of Finland. And best of all, Sarah liked the country. Unfortunately we had only two days time to be in Finland so visit was really short but maybe next time we have more days to be there.

Road trip

At the beginning of November we decided to do another Road Trip to Europe. This time we had two cars and three more people than last time. We got some reinforcements from USA to this trip. So whole group was the 4 Finns (Me, Dalmar, Eemil and Olli) plus Sarah, Alex and Scotty. Original plan was to go to Switzerland via Lichtenstein and stay few days in Zurich and Bern. But plan changed quite a lot. First we went to Vaduz which is capital of Switzerland. After that we headed to Zurich but once we got there and started to find place to sleep we realized that our bank accounts and Switzerland is not a good mix. After a night in youth hostel in Zurich we decided to drive to Bern and from there to France for next night.

Olli admiring Vaduz

France was much more suitable for our budget. We drove to city called Mulhouse for night, it wasn’t very beautiful city but we had good breakfast in local cafeteria there and prices were reasonable. After Mulhouse we drove North in France. It was area called Alcase, which is famous of wines. Really nice looking landscapes and villages. We also found one old castle from there it was called Chateau du Haut- Koenigsburg, beautiful place and big castle. Other night we spent in small village called Saint-Hippolyte, tasty food and good wine.
Next day we headed to Hagenau and from there back to Esslingen. Nice trip, lots of driving, great views and nice experiences.