Pre – Christmas party

Something extraordinary happened at November. I did a trip which I certainly didn’t plan to do when I started my exchange student – time in Germany. I travelled to Finland.

But I have good expalanation for this kind of travelling. I came to visit Pre – Christmas party in Himos. And I went there with Sarah. The story behind that is simple: I got invitation to party, but I wasn’t going to join the event. But I told Sarah about it and she said that she really would like to see Finland. I also wanted to show her my great homeland and visit the party with her so then  we decide to book flights and make surprise visit to Himos and Jyväskylä.

It was good decision, I got to see my good friends and family with Sarah and also had a chance to show her something of Finland. And best of all, Sarah liked the country. Unfortunately we had only two days time to be in Finland so visit was really short but maybe next time we have more days to be there.