End of semester

Hi everybody!

I have been lazy again, or not. Actually I have been lazy only with this blog – thing. Our autumn semester (winter semester here in Germany) is now done, all the courses are completed and exams done with huge success….
Now few words about the studies we had during the winter semester. After the semester I have a bit mixed feelings, some of the classes we had were very interesting and good, the others were not so much. Not all the classes were so closely related to my main studies, also studying in English makes everything a bit more difficult. In the end I believe I got a lot of very useful information and experience during the semester, some of the studies and laboratories I would not have been able to have in my home university.
Now only little thing to do is just to find a subject to my bachelor thesis and finish it. Doesn’t sound too hard but when you compile Germany, thesis, poor German skills and extremely bad luck, you start to get stress which rips your hair off.
But no more complaining, usually things get done somehow.

Otherwise being here has been okay after holidays. Except that Olli and Eemil flew back to Finland after finishing autumn/winter semester, so now our A-team is divided into two countries. Luckily there was still time in January to have some fun with old group by bowling, pool, sauna, baking and just messing around. Waiting for the reunion….
Oh and we got some reinforcement from Jyväskylä when Henri arrived here to study abroad, so I think we can survive this other semester too.

I almost forgot, we opened terrace season with Olli and Eemil at last day of January! Picture below can proof it.


By the way, we also payed a visit to Porsche museum here in Stuttgart. I have to recommend it to everyone who has even small interest to cars. The museum building itself is already a worth seeing and of course all the beautiful cars inside it… Like this one