Finally! Normal pace to life.


How are you doing? I am doing pretty fine here, thanks for asking.

Two weeks ago I moved to new apartment with Sarah. We needed to find new place to live, because Sarah cancelled her rental agreement at the dorms before she went to Christmas holiday and even knew that she comes back to Germany in February to do her internship. So, after holidays I started intensive search of apartments here in Germany. I also cancelled my rental agreement at the dorms at January, so I had time till the end February to get new place to live before we become street hobos.
It was terrible job but finally I managed to find apartment and land lord who was willing to rent apartment for English speaking exchange students. I won’t recommend that process to anyone, unless you absolutely have to do it.
But I also can’t complain, this new place is absolutely great compared to that old one.
Super! (like German would say).

¬†Two weeks ago we went see traditional German spring carnival, weird stuff, that’s all I can say. As you can see from Dalmar’s face, there was also a lot of civil victims.

And like searching for apartment wouldn’t have been stressful enough, I also had to find the subject to my Bachelor thesis. And I also managed to do that in the end. As a Finnish it is embarrassing to say but I felt a bit proud of myself after managing to succeed in those things. Next Monday (17.3.) I will start my work at Dekra in Stuttgart and I will do that at least 4 months, so probably I will be back in Finland somewhere in July or August.

Now I have had well earned holiday and have tried to take easy, with small preparing of myself to oncoming challenges with thesis (as you can see from the picture).

Tomorrow starts mine and Sarah’s flight to Paris for weekend, can’t wait!