Holiday in Finland!

Okay, not completely just holiday, but almost.
One day I will visit one Finnish company because of my thesis, but otherwise I will have good relaxing time in Finland with Sarah. We will stay there one and half weeks, from 28.5. until 8.6. Or Sarah will stay that time, I will go there 29.5. and leave 8.6. Why do I go there later than she? It is a very good question and I am sure, that people who know my extraordinary skills to mess up the flights, can already guess what is this all about.
To tell the story we have to go first back in time, about one month. That day I was working at DEKRA, doing my thesis. Then something happened, my boss said that the company can pay my flights to Finland so that I can visit the Finnish company, which I have been in contact with during my work. After hearing that I became very happy. I booked the flights with secretary and got the booking codes and everything so I thought that the ticket are now mine. Well, obviously that was a false assumption. I also booked immediately other ticket myself to Sarah so that we can travel with same flights.
After that day everything was peaceful again and day by day we became more and more excited about becoming trip. Until the D-day happened.
28.5. about 19:00 we walked in from the doors of Stuttgart airport, very happily. After 10 to 15 minutes we were desperate, angry, sad and disappointed. The reason behind all this was: I did not have ticket. I mean, there was no ticket for me. I went to Lufthansa service desk where I heard that my ticket had been reserved but never confirmed or paid so the reservation was cancelled. What a happy words.
Obviously there must have been some kind of misunderstanding at some phase of my ticket booking process but I do not know yet where.
So, Sarah had to go and I stayed standing stupidly at the airport, like too many times before already.
Luckily I managed to contact DEKRA’s travel agency and they got me new flights to next day, so here I am now waiting for boarding and writing this story. Maybe I once again finally can manage to get to plane and to Finland where my family, friends and girlfriend Sarah is waiting for me.
See ya!