My thesis process

Hello again!
This time I thought to write something about my work with thesis here in Germany. So, I am doing my bachelor’s thesis at DEKRA Automobil GmbH in Stuttgart. I have 4.5 months in total to get my thesis done. Topic of my thesis is Road safety comparison between Finland and Germany.
Those are the cold facts.

As you can see from the picture the work itself is nothing but office work, which is new to me since I have always before done more or less practical and physical jobs. I have noticed that I was not made to work at office. Otherwise the work and the company is okay. My boss is nice, office is good and workmates are nice. Also the work is going well, I have stayed in schedule and my boss has been satisfied so far.
But now, the absolutely worst part of my work is the commute. I calculated that there goes 1.5 hours from the moment when I close my home door to the moment when I step into the office. Yes, I use public transportation. I need bus, train and then bus again. And the best part is that buses and trains are always completely packed, which is very nice to the Finnish person who gets very annoyed in huge crowds.
But otherwise work is okay, and I am very thankful to my boss from this opportunity to work in big international company. I am sure I will get a lot of use of it in future.
By the way, according to Google Maps I would get to work in 20 minutes by car.

Till the next time!