Easter and longer weekend was getting closer and closer. What to do? Originally we planned to go to some beach in Spain but apparently someone else was planning that same so flights were too expensive for us. We had to come up with plan B. Our budget was also very tight. We ended up renting a car from Thursday evening to Sunday evening and booking a camping place from Venice. So, Friday morning at 4 am. We turned our car hood to Venice direction. Driving there from Esslingen took about 10 hours, partly because of my small extra routes in Italy. I wanted to experience some smaller roads in Italy so we decided to drive from Trento to Lake Garda. That route was totally worth few extra hours. Small road over the mountains was pretty perfect to drive and to watch scenery. Also Lake Garda was really beautiful.

On our way to Venice
Anyway, we got to Venice and our camping area (Camping Rialto) around 2 pm in Friday. Camping was better than we expected, they had big 2 person tents with floor and beds. And the cost for two nights and two persons was only 44 €, perfect.
Venice itself was okay, maybe not so astonishing what I expected but still very nice. Biggest minus was big amount of tourists. More peaceful areas were very nice and we managed to find nice pizza restaurant right at coast, which was one of the coolest places I have eaten in. Pizza was also very good.

We wanted to take Gondola drive there but we had to back off after hearing the price, 80 €, maybe one day. Mostly we just walked around the city, but one day we took a water bus to Lido island right next to Venice city. The island was cool, full of very nice houses and beautiful areas. There was also long beach, but unfortunately beach was not so nice. It was pretty dirty and looked a bit unmaintained. We also found weird forgotten area at the other head of the island, all the houses were empty and the area looked like it has gone through some kind of catastrophe.
Sunday morning we headed back to Esslingen, now the driving took about 7 hours, since we drove via motorways.
I also have to give small advertisement, we rented a car from Sixt and we were very happy with them. Car was about 80 euros for the whole time and we got brand new Audi A3 Quattro. I was much happier with Sixt than Europcar what we have used before.
I can recommend Venice to everyone who likes to be near water, but you should try to choose the time to visit there so that it is not during the biggest tourist season.

See you soon!