This spring season has been full of guests visiting me and Sarah from Finland.
All started when my brother Kalle and his girlfriend Heli came to visit here at the end of March. They stayed here few days and it was nice to show them some places here. I also managed to arrange a visit to the local wine farm to taste some wines and to get to know some things of farm’s production. The visit was very nice and we had a lot of fun there. I also invited some other Finnish exchange students and our friend Cesar from Mexico, who has been here since last September too. A very big thanks goes to wine farm’s owner Mr. Clauss, who originally invited me to his farm and told me to bring my friends too.
After Kalle and Heli left, next group was already coming in few weeks. This time there was my little brother Juuso, his girlfriend Kirsi, my second cousin Sohvi and her boyfriend Markus.  They were staying here a bit less than a week. During their stay we decided to rent a car and go to see a castle about 1 hour drive from Stuttgart. The castle is called Lichtenstein Castle and it is one of the castles, which have been a model to the Disney’s castles. We had a good day there. Everyone seemed to enjoy their visit and we did too.

Next was our old friends Olli and Eemil in line to come to visit. Me and Sarah offered accommodation to boys in our apartment. We had a lot of fun with guys and it was good to see them again after few month’s pause. Of course we had to pay a visit to Frühlingsfest when boys were here. I wonder how did they managed to get here exactly at the time when those festivals were running 😀

And last but not least. My friends Tommi, Petteri and Joonas came to visit after Olli and Eemil. With them we also went to see the festivals and we had a lot of fun, boys had not seen such a fests before and were a bit overwhelmed of the atmosphere in tent. With them we also went to do some shopping in Stuttgart and I guess that everyone found what they had on their shopping lists.

It was very nice to have such a big amount of close people visiting us and see the places where me, Sarah and all other exchange students have been hanging out, studying and working since last September. It is hard to believe we have been here so long time already.

Bye bye!