Final update

Hi everyone!

My studies and time in Germany is done now. It is time to sum up the last year.

If I look back the year behind I see mostly a lot of happiness, laughter, jokes, new great friends, new awesome experiences. On the other hand there is also some desperate feelings, lot of stress and some anger, but where you could ever escape the days when everything is not so great?

During this year I have learned a lot of things, for example language. My English has gotten a lot better (read some of my first blog-updates if you don’t believe) and now I know some German too, not much but some. I have become more confident about myself and my abilities and skills. I know I can live and work abroad. I learned a lot about different cultures and people, after that year I am much more open against other people and cultures. Last but not least, I met my girlfriend Sarah during my time abroad, that alone makes my studying abroad – time more than great.

Many people are talking about coming home – crisis. I dunno if it has hit me yet or if it never even hits. I have to admit that it feels a bit empty to be at home though, especially when girlfriend is on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Life has changed a lot compared to the time in Germany. You start to see life and people differently.
Now is time to face new challenges, have new adventures and see where the life takes you.

My opinion is that all I described above makes studying abroad totally worth going. You will face difficulties and challenges but you will win them and become stronger, don’t be afraid to go.

I am not regretting even a bit going to study abroad. Many thanks for Dalmar for asking me to go with him to study in Germany.

Thank you all,