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Final update

Hi everyone! My studies and time in Germany is done now. It is time to sum up the last year. If I look back the year behind I see mostly a lot of happiness, laughter, jokes, new great friends, new awesome experiences. On the other hand there is also some desperate feelings, lot of stress […]


Hello! This spring season has been full of guests visiting me and Sarah from Finland. All started when my brother Kalle and his girlfriend Heli came to visit here at the end of March. They stayed here few days and it was nice to show them some places here. I also managed to arrange a […]

Holiday in Finland!

Okay, not completely just holiday, but almost. One day I will visit one Finnish company because of my thesis, but otherwise I will have good relaxing time in Finland with Sarah. We will stay there one and half weeks, from 28.5. until 8.6. Or Sarah will stay that time, I will go there 29.5. and […]


Easter and longer weekend was getting closer and closer. What to do? Originally we planned to go to some beach in Spain but apparently someone else was planning that same so flights were too expensive for us. We had to come up with plan B. Our budget was also very tight. We ended up renting […]

My thesis process

Hello again! This time I thought to write something about my work with thesis here in Germany. So, I am doing my bachelor’s thesis at DEKRA Automobil GmbH in Stuttgart. I have 4.5 months in total to get my thesis done. Topic of my thesis is Road safety comparison between Finland and Germany. Those are […]


Hi, At March we did a weekend trip to Paris to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Paris has never been a “must go” place to me, but of course I have always thought that it would be interesting city to see and visit. Before going there I didn’t know very much what to expect, except Eiffel Tower, […]

Finally! Normal pace to life.

Hello! How are you doing? I am doing pretty fine here, thanks for asking. Two weeks ago I moved to new apartment with Sarah. We needed to find new place to live, because Sarah cancelled her rental agreement at the dorms before she went to Christmas holiday and even knew that she comes back to […]

End of semester

Hi everybody! I have been lazy again, or not. Actually I have been lazy only with this blog – thing. Our autumn semester (winter semester here in Germany) is now done, all the courses are completed and exams done with huge success…. Now few words about the studies we had during the winter semester. After […]

Long time no see

Phew! It’s been a while since I last time updated my blog. Almost two months to be exact… I know that there is no good enough reasons to forget the blog updating but I am still going to try and give some awesome explanations. Here it comes: I have been busy. Hopefully you forgive me […]

Pre – Christmas party

Something extraordinary happened at November. I did a trip which I certainly didn’t plan to do when I started my exchange student – time in Germany. I travelled to Finland. But I have good expalanation for this kind of travelling. I came to visit Pre – Christmas party in Himos. And I went there with […]