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Road trip

At the beginning of November we decided to do another Road Trip to Europe. This time we had two cars and three more people than last time. We got some reinforcements from USA to this trip. So whole group was the 4 Finns (Me, Dalmar, Eemil and Olli) plus Sarah, Alex and Scotty. Original plan […]

Exploring surroundings

Our dormitory lies in area which is a bit hilly. So it’s quite nice to do small hikes to hills during weekends or free days. Usually we have always found some new and cool places during our expeditions. So far the longest walk was last Saturday when me, Olli and Sarah conquered a hill which […]

Hockenheim DTM – race

Last Sunday we did a trip to famous Hockenheimring. There we went to see last DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) race of season. I have never before seen those races but I think after seeing them once, I have to go to see them again someday. Thanks to Kenny whose idea whole trip was, I have […]

Visitors from Finland

Last week my parents Teija and Olavi, my sister Justiina and my cousin Nelli came to visit here in Esslingen. They brought some souvenirs from Finland for me – salty liquorice, chocolate, rye bread and some berry juice made by my granny. Felt quite good to eat some Finnish delicacies. My family came here by […]

Volksfest vs Oktoberfest

Autumn brought with it traditional festivals to Germany. And of course we had to find out what kind of celebrations those are. During our first exchange student week we already booked tickets to Oktoberfest in Munchen, just to make sure that we get there. At that time we didn’t even know very much about these […]

Best tent in Volksfest – Wasen wirt

City of Munchen

Germany knowledge

Generally when you come to Germany you should prepare yourself for some things, maybe the biggest difference compared to Finland is that here you have to pay by cash basically everywhere. And it’s also common to give some service money in restaurants, usually from 5% to 10% of original price. All the prices are quite […]

Kessler and Bodensee

Last Friday we had another different day at school. The topic of that day was tour in a Germany’s oldest sparkling wine producer Kessler, which is here in Esslingen, and it was mandatory! Well I was more than willing to visit there so no problem for me. At Kessler we had a tour in whole […]

Yard of castle